Testimonials- classes

This page allows you to read what other people think about various aspects of Danzfusion. Take a moment to read these lovely comments and what it means and has done for them by being a part of Danzfusion over the years.

Tracey Smith- posted on 5/04/13
I have been attending Jenna’s Zumba classes for well over a year. In that time not only have I met some incredibly wonderful people I have also found a new passion for music and dance. Her classes are inspiring to say the least. I always come away feeling exhilarated and alive. Her enthusiasm for dance and Zumba shines through and she never fails to make you feel amazing at every class.

Daniela Butler- posted 5/04/13
My 2 children have been dancing with Jenna for nearly 4 years. They have done the annual show and throughly enjoyed it, they have had so many amazing oppuntunitys such as dancing with Lukas Mcfarlane, the winner from got to dance. They have learn’t sooo much and been really inspired…..recently they both do the zumbatonic Niamh says “Its amazing i get really sweaty.” I have been doing zumba with Jenna since her very first class i believe nearly 2 years, and is one of the best zumba instructors around….burning upto 800 calories a class!

Andrea White- posted 8/04/13
My daughter Holly (8 yrs) absolutely loves her classes with Jenna. She does the street-dance class and has recently started the children’s zumba – she just loves it all!! Holly recently did the Lukas Macfarlane workshop and has not stopped talking about it since (especially the bit about getting a hug from Lukas!!) I can’t recommend Jenna’s classes enough – she is incredibly talented and has just the right approach with the children to make them really work towards something (like the summer show) whilst still having the time of their lives doing it. Definitely give it a go!!

Alison Poole- posted 9/04/13
My daughter Megan has been dancing with Jenna and Danzfsuion for almost 3 years and she absolutely loves it. I can honestly say dancing her passion. Megan has always been confident but her confidence had grown so much especially taking part in the annual shows. She has made so many friends in class. I have done many of jenna Zumba classes. They are so much fun and jenna certainly works you hard a fantastic calorie burn and I have made so many new friends too. Megan and I have both been attending jennas zumbatomic classes. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us both to zumba together. In megans words; I absolutely love zumba with Jenna mummy!

Holly Cunningham- posted on 10/05/13
Our daughter Louise (11) has been dancing with Jenna & Danzfusion for over a year and it completely fulfills her passion for dancing 🙂 We all moved to Peterborough from Scotland two years ago and Danzfusion has been one of the biggest reasons she (and so us all) have settled so well into the area !! It has truly been life changing for Louise and even when she’s not at a class with Jenna she shows us all in the living room the latest moves she’s learned 🙂 We would certainly recommend Danzfusion to anyone with an interest in dancing to join and with Jenna’s help turn into a passion !!

Anita Richardson- posted on 29/05/13
Our daughter Ruby (9) has been dancing with Danzfusion for 4+ years now and she loves it. This year she has started to attend the UDO syllabus class too and although she finds it challenging at times Jenna is always there to encourage and guide her. We’re all looking forward to the end of year show it’s always so much fun and great to see what the children have learnt during the year. Jenna is a real inspiration and a great role model for the children she teaches.

Charlene Clarey- posted on 16/07/13
My 6 yr old daughter Ashlee joined Danzfusion 7 months ago and has loved every second of it. She is a child that loves to dance and absolutely adores Jenna and really looks up to her as an inspiration. Jenna is an amazing person who gives so much to the children she teaches and after seeing Ashlee and all the other girls and boys in the performance on Sunday 14th July you can see how much passion, time, love and care goes into what Jenna does. These kids are a true credit to Jenna and I would highly recommend any one of her classes to everyone.

Jen Wagner- posted on 16/07/13
This has been Aimee’s (14) 5th summer show and the dedication, determination and enthusiasm never fails, all the guys were amazing. (Well done team Danzfusion!) Jenna truly puts 100% effort in all the time. We starting sending Aimee to Danzfusion to combat her shyness and five years later the difference is amazing, she undertook two UDO syllabus exams and never in our wildest dreams did we imagine she would perform solo. Her eldest sister attended Danzfusion also and too performed in shows.
I could not recommend Jenna enough. Jenna is a truly talented, caring, supportive and inspirational person and I can not thank her enough. Thank you Jenna :-)))))) xoxoxoxoxox

Jenny Attewell- posted on 14-01-14
I have been going to zumba with Jenna since last July.  I had been trying different types of exercise all year, but found after a month or so that I would loose interest.  A friend who knew Jenna suggested it and I haven’t looked back since.  It’s a great fun work out, with so many bonuses and also a range of options with aqua zumba and adult Hip-hop, even my Mum loves aqua 🙂 7 months down the line I have not lost interest and look forward to each class.  Jenna’s passion for it is infectious.  I love that I can pay a set amount each month and go to as many classes as I like.
My daughter started the 5-11 year olds class in September and spends most of the week asking if it is dance day yet!  She makes it relevant to the age group, using music that means something to the children (for example a song from Despicable Me).  Since starting the class my daughters coordination, balance and confidence has really improved. Jenna makes the classes good fun and keeps the attention of all the children in class.  I really couldn’t speak highly enough of Jenna’s classes, it’s so nice to see someone so devoted to what they do.

Tracey Knox-posted 06/07/14
My 4 children are so happy to have found Danzfusion. They loved every minute of the show yesterday and can’t wait for their classes this week. Thank you for making it so enjoyable for them to perform and for us parents and family’s to watch x

Sal Courten-posted 06/07/14
What a fantastic show! We all loved it….all of it! Amazing what you do for our children. Thank you for letting Macie take part again this year, her confidence has grown and grown, she had a great time and we are very proud of her x

Charlene Johnson-posted 06/07/14
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting on another amazing show last night and for everything you do for all the kids. Ashlee loves your classes and sees you as a true inspiration. It is so lovely to hear her speak of you in such great light and for a 7yr old. I can’t thank you enough for helping her with her confidence and helping her believe in herself. Without sounding too corney, I think you are an amazing, kind hearted and passionate person who I’m blessed to have met and proud that Ashlee is apart of what you do 🙂


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