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This page is dedicated to clients experiences with Herbalife and what is has done for them and how it has impacted on their life. So to start with…… me!

I started my Herbalife journey January 2017 when I found I had put weight on in the few months after giving birth to my baby boy. I found I was heavier than when I was pregnant due to just eating for convenience around a new born and not looking after myself properly. I soon became very unhappy and uncomfortable in my own skin and knew I had to make a change to find myself again. I started on a trial pack and literally within days noticed I had more energy, I didn’t feel as sluggish or bloated and knew instantly it would be something I could mainstain as it was simple and I could still enjoy food that was good for me.

After a few months I had lost half of my target which helped keep me focused and motivated. It was then that I decided I wanted to get into the business and help other people the way it had helped me. Help them feel good, look good and become healthier. Now having lost over 2 stone and 24 inches I’ve never felt better and want to share with you some of the wonderful things and feedback from some of my clients.

Now for a client who has been using Herbalife for a few months……

For years I have struggled with weight after having my daughter, I have always lost weight for holidays but never maintained the weight loss. Recently I have been struggling with my health and gained a lot more weight. I wanted to do something to help me and seeing Jenna’s results and talking to her about how easily Herbalife can fit into your daily routine I did the trial pack and have not looked back. I have to say that I feel great plus I have shed weight ready for this years holiday too and some. Looking forward to maintaining my routine and continuing to feel better about myself too.

The pictures below are transformations within a group body challenge over a short number of weeks 😊

A little bit of Amanda’s story so far-

In may 2017 I had her post 40 check at the doctors and had a cholesterol reading of 9.6 (4-5 is normal range). The Dr asked me if I wanted to medicate it to bring it down or try change of diet, and exercise. So I decided to begin a dance fitness classes with Jenna and joined the weekly park run on a Saturday morning. After a couple of weeks in I asked about the Herbalife breakfast trial and got on really well and so progressed onto the weight loss plan. Since June 2017 to now September I have lost 1st 6lbs and her cholesterol has also come down from 9.6 to 4.5, and I don’t need to be on medication for the rest of my life. I’m loving Herbalife, and exercise (I’m actually a former couch potato) and the family and I really are enjoying clean eating. I feel great and have loads of energy!

Next is one of my newest clients who has had an amazing start on Herbalife. She approached me after struggling to lose baby weight and not feeling confident in her body anymore. Here is her change from trial pack through to her first order of products:

On a weight loss programme she is having the shakes and thermo tea twice a day along side healthy snacks and her evening meal. She loves how she can still eat with the whole family, of which which the kids love the cooking from scratch that now include items like lentils and chickpeas in chilli and stews. In a very short space of time she has noticed she has more energy particularly when she goes swimming more and out with dog. She has also upped her water intake and can really see the difference the small changes have made.

I’m so happy that Herbalife has already started making a big change to her life and you can see the incredible results in a very short space of time. It is an incredible feeling to know you are helping make someone happier but healthier too.

Meet the lovely Lucy sharing her experience so far;

“I’m absolutely loving my Herbalife products. I have IBS and before Herbalife I used to bloat massively after eating and feel extremely uncomfortable. Herbalife has really helped me, I rarely bloat now and with that I don’t have any pain at all! Herbalife has been a complete life changer for me, not only is my tummy feeling much better but I am leading a much healthier, happier lifestyle.”

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