All squads have 2 team class per week. To keep their competition team place students are not permitted to miss more than 2 sessions within a term and must have the intention of competing at regional events and represent the school at local demos and performances.

Any practice videos will be uploaded to Dropbox and are expected to be used for practice between classes.

Squad dates 2019-2020

• BDO regional competition 10th November.

• Possibility of dance onboard 17th November.

• UDO regional competition 9th February.

• UK street challenge competition 31st May.

The above 4 are all Peterborough based.

•Encore regional for selection team in Essex.

•BDO worlds for any that qualify in the November event 7th and 8th December 2019 in Telford.

•UK street grand final for any that qualify in mays event- 4th and 5th July 2020 in Telford.

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