After using Herbalife products this year to help me kickstart shifting baby weight and seeing some great results I decided to take on a new venture and add this side to my business by becoming a Herbalife independent distributor. You can register an account to view my online shop here 


My journey so far….

• Lost 12kg in weight

• Body fat dropped by 10%

• Increased my muscle mass

• Improved my hydration levels

but more than that I feel more comfortable and happy in myself again. I have more energy in the mornings with my breakfast shakes and herbal tea and am happy in the knowledge that I am putting all the necessary essential nutrients into my body. I feel like along side classes it’s really helped me improve my nutrition and help get towards my target that I otherwise would have struggled to do.

Rather than being a ‘fad diet’ where the body is deprived to lose weight Herbalife is based on good balanced nutrition to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Herbalife takes a community based approach to make positive permanent changes in your life that are effective and sustainable long term. What also makes it different is that I work with you personally and be support so whether its to lose weight, tone and become leaner, improve your fitness and energy levels I will be here to help. We already have our classes where we can become fitter together as well as de-stress and feel good with the music so this is a natural and great addition to those to help your achieve your goals.

There is a large range of products and supplements that are available to order but the most popular is to start with the healthy breakfast trial as a great cost effective introduction. Most people eat sugar rich cereals and unbalanced breakfasts or even skip them completely, resulting in spiking energy levels, fatigue and effects on your mood. A lot of people believe if I don’t eat I will lose weight but your body then responds adversely to this and stores it all as fat as it is unsure when its getting its next energy source. By eating smaller and more regularly throughout the day supplying your body with what it needs with a balanced diet your body keeps burning food as fuel.

The healthy breakfast trial pack consists of a shake and a herbal tea that you have each morning to start your day off the right way. The shake is a convenient and tasty drink that replaces your breakfast and includes vitamin C, E, A, calcium and potassium and importantly protein. The herbal tea is a low calorie drink that refreshes and helps increase alertness.

Following the trial pack it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach as we are not all the same! We can tailor your programme to what you need depending on your goals and help get the best results for you. There is also a referral scheme where you can earn ambassador privileges and discount, win win!

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or would like to buy a trial pack. Keep an eye on posts and info of events coming up soon…..


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