Be Kind Campaign 

Following ITV’s this morning’s Be Kind Campaign I wanted to bring the Be Kind message into Danzfusion and reinforce the important of how simply being nice to one another can make a huge change in a child’s life. 

This Morning initiated the Be Kind Campaign to offer key advice and an anti-bullying message following recent powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families. It was launched after the huge responses the programme received when 2 mothers shared their tragic stories of how their children committed suicide after being bullied.

The national campaign will urge viewers to pledge to watch the moving interview via the ITV website with their children so that they know they can ask for help and how important it is to be kind.

I sent this video to all of the parents asking them to show their children and help them understand the effects that verbal and mental bullying can have and highlight how this has grown within social media recently. Various social media channels are a huge part in a large percentage of peoples every day lives, and more and more children’s lives so at Danzfusion I want to use the power of instagram, Facebook and twitter to spread a good message that simply being nice to one another can make all the difference to someone’s day and week. 

We will be doing various activities as part of classes to keep reinforcing the Be Kind ethos that I have always supported within Danzfusion. My dance classes are a place where children come not only to learn new skills and dances but to gain confidence, build friendships and most importantly have fun. I strive to provide a safe and happy environment where students feel comfortable with who they are and let them develop that. So everyone smile, be happy and keep being kind 💕


Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written an entry. Since my last post I’ve hand my hands kept busy looking after our new addition Blake. It’s crazy that its been nearly 5 months already since he was born!

Over the last term I tried to pop in and visit everyone as much as I could but now Christmas and new Year have passed I will be back teaching the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday classes each week. Nadine will be continuing with Mondays and Tuesdays and also has some new classes added to a Wednesday at a brand new venue. Please check this timetable to see these.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all back and what 2017 has to bring for Danzfusion. This year we have competitions lined up for the squad teams, some events in planning and the annual show has been booked for July with a slightly different theme this year, so keep your eyes peeled on the website and social media pages for info.

So with new year it often bring new resolutions of what to give up. For me I try not to do this of things but look to things on a positive side of goals I would like to achieve. Maybe you could set yourself a challenge of something you would like to accomplish this year? Whatever it is dream big and do what makes you happy. Whether its becoming more confident in yourself, becoming a better dancer, enjoying social time or getting fitter enjoy your dance classes for you every time you come.

See you al soon xx

End of year showcase

Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. Having our annual show earlier this year we finished the year off with a small showcase giving rise all students the chance to perform choreography from this terms classes. As always it makes me so proud to see you all get up and dance showing your individual personality and passion through dance. It’s wonderful to see people’s confidence grow and swag emerge! 

A huge well done to the whole school but as an addition we completed the showcase with a few awards that were given out to students to recognise giving that something extra this year.

I’m going to miss everyone tremendously next term but I’ll be back in the new year with our newest Danzfusion member ready to join the family. Until then I’m on the end of the phone or email if you have any queries. Enjoy the summer xx


So I’ve not written an entry in. Little while as its been a busy time recently, which leads me nicely into the content of this new post. Please welcome the newest  member to the Danzfusion family who will be joining us in September ❤️👶🏻

Tony and I are over the moon and can not wait to meet you! See you in 6 months hopefully dancing your way to us 🤗

MIU Fitness

  Dance has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old and 26 years on I still love it every bit as much now as I ever have. It’s a part of my soul and is what makes me truly happy being able to let go and feel free in the music. I appreciate so many different styles and was so excited when I came across the Mash It up training as another genre to add to my list of qualifications.  

The thing I connected with most about the mash it up concept is the fun essence of the class and the idea of everyone relaxing, letting go and being themselves as feel di vibe!! Alicja captures the true culture of dancehall and has cleverly created a programme that anyone can join in with. I feel that with my dance and teaching experience MIU training was a very natural step for me that felt comfortable. I’ve always loved dancehall music so to now to able to teach this class is a dream. 
The training weekend itself was a jam packed weekend of learning and fun. The passion of the master trainers was infectious and a great inspiration for all of us to look up to. The trainer team were only too happy to help and pass their knowledge in any way possible to in turn share their love of dancehall. Although there was a lot of moves and information to get to grips with in a short space of time I loved every minute of it. Ive already had a practice and the reception was very positive. I can not wait to to start teaching and spread the #miulove further. Thank you to all the MIU team ❤️

Transmission end of year show

So it’s taken me a little time to write this blog entry but I just wanted to follow up the show with a thank you and well done to all involved.  Thank you to everyone who helped in some way or another from rehearsals to backstage and all to all who came to watch, you were a fantastic audience showing your love and support for Danzfusion.

Congratulations to each and every member of Danzfusion who took to the stage and shone! It takes courage to get up and dance infront of such a big audience and you did it with passion and style. I love to see you up there living in the moment and dancing your hearts out. It’s those moments that make me feel truely proud and reinforce the fact that I have the best job in the world!! Keep striving and pushing forwards to grow and progress as a dancer and become more confident in the talent you possess. 

Next year will be our big 10th anniversary so for now have a rest, enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing you all back (with some new students joining the company) for the new term in September.

Love Jenna xx






Jeffrey and Turbo Workshop

So we’ve just had the pleasure of welcoming Jeffrey and Turbo to Peterborough to deliver a hip hop and house workshop to a group of Danzfusion students. As expected it was brilliant! The guys brought their energy and personalities to deliver a top class session that all of the girls absolutely loved.


 The session started with warm up and basics in the two styles to get the girls comfortable before challenging them with 2 different pieces of choreography. What I loved was that no matter what the children’s age, ability or experience they all gave it their best and danced with enthusiasm. Sessions like this are all about learning, progression and just having fun! It doesn’t matter if something isn’t perfect if there is passion, effort and determination to improve and get there in the end. Both Jeffrey and Turbo brought such a happy vibe and fun to their teaching that it is impossible not to be inspired. 

It was great for me to watch as the students developed in such a short space of time as their confidence grew. Dance is all about passion, expression, living in the music and being you. Don’t try and imitate others. Learn from them but most importantly dance like you with your own style and groove!  I hope that everyone takes something from today that helps them to continue their dance journey. 

Again a huge thanks to Jeffrey and Turbo. We can’t wait to have you back again!

More than just a dance class….

I’ve noticed more than normal this week the growing relationships of students within my dance school. As well as the children’s ability and confidence growing, friendships are blossoming in front of my eyes. It’s so nice to see children mixing with others and becoming friends that they not only look forward to seeing at class every week but now have friendships outside of class too. Some really valuable support can also be seen with older students helping younger students and becoming real role models for them to look up to and aspire to be like. They may not realise how important their role is and what they are doing for these young people but I can clearly see the impact they are having and it’s hugely positive effect.

Within class, along side teaching choreography and technique, I like to set tasks where I can sit back and observe. I can see personalities emerge, provide guidance and step forward giving ideas when previously they would have sat back and followed along. It all relates back to what I’ve said hundreds of times with dance helping to build confidence but it really is true! Sometimes the hardest thing can be dancing in front of your peers so having the bravery and confidence to do this in a close intimate environment can only be a good thing. I believe that performing in front of and watching each other is an intergral part of learning and development. To learn from others attributes and inject it into your own progress is something so simple but priceless and the key to propelling forwards at a fast rate.

My motto when setting up Danzfusion was to unite children and dance, to show how dance can enrich children’s growth and development, as well as be a part of their life that they enjoy. Now I look upon what I have created and can see that Danzfusion has clearly done this and much more by uniting the children together. As cliche as it may sound I am very proud of my “Danzfusion family”. I hold the bonds I have made with my students and parents close to my heart and appreciate every one of them. I look forward to everything the future has to offer and vow to always strive to give my best to continue the upward spiral that’s has been close to a decade of Danzfusion.

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone! It’s the time of year where we make New Years resolutions of something to give up or something to do. Rather than do this for it not to stick after a month how about thinking of a long term permanent choice. Think about what makes you happy in life and make relevant decisions about how to achieve them. A feeling of self worth and being content with what you have in work, social and family aspects of your life I believe is truly the key to happiness.
So for me happiness is not just one singular part of you life but a combination of many things. Dance has ways been a part of my life and is when I’m at my happiest. For me to now share my passion and let others too experience the feeling of letting go to the music is magical. I love to see my students and class participants gain confidence and achieving a sense of freedom in class. Sometimes things take a lot of hard work and are not imminent but then when you do finally achieve them it is so much more gratifying. The whole point is to keep striving and have a positive outlook.
I try to surround myself with positivity on a daily basis. If you always look at the negatives how can you possibly be totally happy and fulfilled?
Start by smiling more. It’s infectious and instantly brightens up how you feel. I’ve been asked on many occasions how I’m always smiling and have so much energy when I teach. The answer is simple; is because I love what I do! A smile goes a long way and can be the simplist thing to make a difference in someone else’s day. So for 2015 rather than set the usual stop eating chocolate type resolutions make a permanent change. Why not add fitness and dance into your lifestyle if it’s not a part of it already, not to change you but to enhance who you are and be the best version of yourself you can be xx

UDO regional qualifier

Congratulations to my crew LLD who competed today at the UDO Midlands regional and placed a fantastic third place! Not only is this a great achievement for them as their first time competing together at a UDO event, but it means they have qualified for both the worlds and European championships next year.

I couldn’t be more proud of the girls when the talent there today was of such a high standard. With the team name LLD, Live Love Dance, I can see that days like today bring this to life. The girls loved every second performing to the crowd and judges and I equally love watching them grow I front of my very eyes each time they train and perform. Music and dance can be a powerful thing that let a person express who they are and create a real natural high. Everyone should have some of it in their life, whether its a class or just around their living room!!
Now the training really begins working toward the championships and even get thing the mums ready for the parent team 🙂


Danzfusion uniform webshop

The new uniform web shop is complete and live so you can now order your Danzfusion uniform at your convenience. No more waiting for sizes to be in stock or minimum orders and you can even get it delivered to your home address. Lots of brand new items have been added and a wider range of garments are now available from hoodies to T-shirts, leggings, accessories and even onesies! Take a look and order your pieces now in time for Christmas!


Simply follow the link here to the webshop to place your order
Happy shopping!

New term

Just a short blog entry today to say well done to all of the Danzfusion students this term. Only 4 weeks in and I’ve seen some fantastic work in all classes. Lots of improvements already so keep working hard in class and practising at home to keep that progress up.
Keep an eye in the website and Facebook page for all of the exciting news about what’s in store for danzfusion this year from the web shop to performances and competitions. Feel free to send any snaps of you practicing your skills or tag them on Instagram and twitter with the hashtag #danzfusion
I’d love to see them 🙂

Danzfusion, the journey.

So where it all began……

Once I’d completed my dance training I decided I wanted to go down the teaching route rather than performing. Although I love dancing on stage I knew I would find real satisfaction in teaching and inspiring others the way I had been when I was growing up and taking classes. I have always had a real passion for dance and knew I wanted to share this with others as it can bring so many positives to peoples lives.

I began teaching within schools as part of primary school curriculum classes and then GSCE dance sessions. Although I did enjoy this I knew it wouldn’t be something I would do forever. I wanted to set something up that I could put my mark on and call my own. This brought the creation of Danzfusion. I started with just 4 classes a week at schools that I had been working in. Over the years this grew and grew as I added in more and more classes in different locations.

Over the years Danzfusion have put on an annual shows, local demos, competed in competitions, performed in London as well as have top choreographers come and visit to deliver specialist workshops. I believe that providing a variety of opportunities that will help children, whether it be in their confidence, physical dance ability or with their social skills is massively important in helping them develop into successful young people. I am all about a class being fun. If it’s not enjoyable then whats the point?!


So where is Danzfusion now?…. I am still every bit as passionate now (probably even more so!) as when I set out with my dream of creating a successful company. It is hugely important to me that every single student benefits from attending classes. I pride myself that I have built a Danzfusion family where I know all of the children and family. I like to be able to speak to parents at class and keep in regular contact outside of class. I could expand on a much larger scale and hire teachers so that I could triple my classes and size of the company but then I wouldn’t see all of the children. Something that I think sets me apart from other schools in the city is that I personally teach the classes rather than just run the school. I personally want to see the children’s progress. All of the images and footage on the website is from Danzfusion so you can get a real essence of what the company is like. What is the point in seeing images lifted from the net that don’t really represent a true picture.

Part of this years additions is that I plan to hold end of term demos and feedback sessions so that parents can get more insight into their child’s progress and what they need to work on for the next term. I have so many exciting things that I want to do with Danzfusion so this year is full steam ahead with lots of things in the pipeline! keep looking at the website and social media to keep updated 🙂

UDO world championships 2014

This weekend was Danzfusion’s first time competing at the worlds and was definitely an experience I won’t forget. A jam packed busy 3 days of competitions, showcases and workshops from solos and duos’ to quads, teams, battles and even a parent division (which I have my eye on for next year!!).

For Fusion8 to be at the worlds was a huge achievement in itself as we had to qualify in order just to be there. Since regional qualifiers in March the girls have worked extremely hard and shown massive progression, as they have gelled and bonded together as a crew. Not only did their performance and passion for dance grow over the months but I could see their confidence develop too. In workshops they were keen to be near the front and put themselves forward to perform in small groups in front of the rest of the class. For me as a teacher is not about where you place and getting a medal but exactly this, what each student personally gets out of the experience.

The talent at the competition was incredible with under 6 categories absolutely smashing it! Seeing all of the crews has made me even more excited about going back to class and training hard ready for the next round of regionals. I have lots of plans ready for the new term and can’t wait to start the wheels in motion!

Not only was it a great experience for the girls but it was wonderful to enable me to get to know the parents more. I don’t think I have laughed so much on a train journey in a long time!!
The mums and dads were able to gain more of an understanding of the calibre or work that goes into these events. They may normally see snippets at home of what the girls have learnt in class and then of course see the show at the end of the year but in Glasgow they too could see what I get to witness each week- those magic moments in between where you can literally see them blossom.

You can also see the girls in their quads division on my youtube channel by simply following the link



New to Zumba…..?

Trying any type of new fitness class or programme can be difficult and intimidating at first. People have lots of worries from what do I look like? to what if it’s to hard for me? What about if I can’t follow the moves or instructor?

The answer is simple…..DONT WORRY! Everyone has to begin somewhere. Fitness is an individual journey where people grow and constantly improve whether they have been doing it for a week, a month, a year and longer. If everyone was perfect there would be no need for classes. So if you feel concerned about how you look in the mirror or what you look like doing the steps chances are the person next to you is feeling exactly the same. For me and my classes it’s all about confidence and enjoyment. Sure we want end goals of weight loss and becoming fitter but a goal is exactly what they are; Something to work towards and strive for. As you as you have fun doing it along the way everyone is winner!

A Zumba® class is dubbed the world’s largest fitness party, the 60-minute heart pumping, dance-loving goodness has an open invite to all. With powerful music and a room full of enthusiasm, all of those fears of insecurity and uncertainty are quickly forgotten. We quickly begin to feel good about ourselves and enjoy sharing the fun that Zumba creates with others around us.

If you look around the room or studio you will notice is that students range in dance ability. Whether you have had training or danced for years or were born with two-left feet as long as you are moving, you’re doing it right. The instructor queues the moves while facing the class directly…and if you can’t follow a particular move, that’s okay! Everyone has a different style and way of moving their body so show your own flavour and just keep it moving. I and any good instructor should be able offer alternatives in simplicity and intensity depending on who is taking their class. This is something I find hugely important as I want everyone to feel comfortable and that they can work to their own ability and not feel segregated. This can be seen across both my land and aqua Zumba classes.

As well as having a blast the Zumba program is most certainly a workout where you will burn hundreds of calories and tone up your body at the same time. You will get a good sweat on and leave with an endorphin rush that has you craving more. With a mix of music and international rhythms there is something to suit everyone. So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself along to class. You can see my full timetable on the Zumba timetable page and the video page where you can get a taste of the live action!

The Danzfusion annual show Iconic

Last weekend saw the culmination of the past 10 months of work all come together for the annual show performance. Although it is a massive amount of work, preparation, organisation and stress the annual show is always something that I very much look forward to. It marks the end of the year and highlights all of the progressions the students have made from last year. I have seen a huge improvement across the board from the really young children right through to the teens, which was truly magical to witness. My job is to teach techniques and choreography but also to inspire and be a role model. Looking at the excitement and pre show buzz through to the children’s face’s as they come off stage smiling from ear to ear Its clear to see I have done this.

From the outside people may not see or realise what goes on behind closed doors to make a show possible. From costumes, to lighting design, editing music, paperwork and hours upon hours of choreography it is a long process that ultimately lies on my passion for dance and giving opportunity to my students. My main goal each year is to give all of the children who attend danzfusion classes the opportunity to get up on stage and show their friends and family what they have learnt and accomplished. My one wish is that children feel a sense of pride in what they have achieved by simply being a part of the show. Performing on stage takes a lot of courage to get up in front of so many people and put yourself out there saying “look at me”. I’m so proud of each and every person who did this, and did it with such gusto. One comment from one of the parents was how she noticed that this year so many more children seemed to ‘dance’ the routines much more than previous years rather than go through the steps. This was so great to hear as ultimately dance is all bout letting yourself go, expressing what you feel and using your body to show this love of dance through the music.

Saturday was a long day from rehearsals to the actual show. The children were beautifully behaved right through the day and were a credit to me. I would like to share this to all of the parents and just say how pleased I am that your children represented Danzfusion in such a positive way. The cresset were very impressed with the professionalism of Danzfusion and ease and flow of the production.

I’ve had some wonderful comments and feedback that I will be sharing on the testimonials page shortly so you’ll be able to read this for yourselves and see the effect Iconic had on so many people. I would like to thank everyone who is part of the Danzfusion team. It may sound cliche but at Danzfusion it is like one big happy family where children make friends and share these experiences that help mould them into the young adults they will become over the next few years. These years are precious and the confidence that is built from attending classes and being part of a dance company is priceless. I appreciate all your continued support and would like to say as a final note a huge CONGRATULATIONS! Another fantastic memory created for the Danzfusion archive. Keep up the hard work everyone xx


Last weekend was my first experience of a Les Mills quarterly and what a great one it was for my first. GFX was incredible!! A jam packed day of classes where Les Mills welcomed over 2,000 fitness enthusiasts to Alexandra Palace.

It was an all-day event that featured 13 innovative classes from Bodypump to Bodybalance and the grit series. As well as being a training touch point day GFX, like other quarterlies, aims to inspire all who attend with a passion for the most exciting trends in studio fitness.

With an early start (7:00am!!!!) it was full steam ahead as soon as we arrived. My day consisted of 6 classes; Vive, sh’bam, jam, combat, balance and a short jam class in the project room.

The project is a new revolutionary experience where you are lead by your instructor through a virtual journey that uses sight and sound on surround screens as you work out. It was fantastic to use all of your senses and become immersed in the experience. Whether or not it will take off on a large scale I don’t know with costs and gyms being able to take it on, but the concept is great!

My favourite classes of the day were jam and sh’bam by far!! My inner passion for dance mixed with fitness; the perfect combination. I felt myself get totally lost in the music and atmosphere in the room amongst hundreds of people. I completely loved the different feels and vibes of both of these classes and enjoyed how one was a build up of choreography compared to following single choreographies to multiple tracks. It inspired me to want to look at these programmes for later in my les mills career.

There was time to relax and take in sounds of the DJ and mix with other instructors inbetween classes as well as do a spot of shopping in the reebok store. It would have been great as an addition to have question and answer time with some of the les mills team but maybe I will get this opportunity at future events. All in all a thorough enjoyable and some what tiring day that I will look back on with fond memories xx


My BODYCOMBAT™ journey

The past 6 months have a crazy whirlwind of achievements and progressions in my professional career. I have taken lots of steps to develop myself in terms of training and qualifications; the most recent becoming a body combat instructor.

I have always taken part in many of the Les Mills programs in various gyms and always thought I’d love to be on the other side teaching it to inspire other people the way I have been inspired by others to work hard and reap the benefits. There are lots of benefits to all the Les Mills programmes, each in their own right as good as the next. A major pro is that whatever gym you go to in whatever country there is standardisation where the same release, choreography and structure are being followed and participants can be united and be a part of something global.

Not only does body combat get you fighting fit and looking ripped, it improves heart and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease. As you tone your muscles and physique it develops co-ordination and agility of a mixed martial arts. Bone density, posture, core strength and stability can all be improved through dedication and regular training.

So what exactly is it? Les Mills defines BODYCOMBAT™ as the empowering group fitness cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. A fiercely energetic program that is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. It uses uplifting powerful music with role model instructors that push you to your limits as you strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness. Like all the LES MILLS™ programs, a new BODYCOMBAT™ class is produced every three months with new music and choreography, designed by BODYCOMBAT™ Master Trainers and mixed martial arts experts, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham.


My journey started on an intensive weekend training course where we has to complete lots of technique drills, teach choreography, work on coaching skills, complete challenges and be assessed in the fundamental components of becoming an instructor for the program. To say the weekend was hard work physically is an understatement but worth every drip of sweat! My trainer was incredible. You know when you look at someone and are like WOW, I want to be like them! That’s what I felt when I listened to and watched Michelle. Her hard work and dedication and technique are that to be commended. If I can show just some of the qualities she posses then I will be very happy! I left the weekend passing my compulsory elements and took the good news back to my club where I had to then work on learning the rest of the current release and practice live teaching. Once I’d done this for a few weeks the next step was to record myself teaching a whole class and submit it to the Les Mills team for assessing. It didn’t take long for me to hear back that I’d passed all sections with some great feedback. I was feeling a mixture of emotions; exhilaration, happiness, relief and nerves for having a full ‘real’ class to teach the following week. Those nerves soon faded as once I put the mic on I was in the role and ready to release the inner warrior!

A month after passing was the launch at my club for the new release and I was one of the instructors asked to lead it. All of those mixed feelings came up again. Sheer excitement for the moment I had been looking forward to, to the butterflies of being up in front of everyone leading them through the new choreography and getting it right. I’m glad to say it was a success and left me with a huge high after the infectious buzz and atmosphere that had been created. This is exactly one of the reasons I love group exercise. A shared feeling of self empowerment, satisfaction and accomplishment.

I’ve now landed myself a permanent class that I start in a fortnight that I can’t wait to get my teeth into. I just hope that I can inspire people to work hard and get results whether it be gaining more confidence, changing themselves physically, stress relief or just put them in a better state of mind and ready to attack the day ahead. For anyone who hasn’t tried BODYCOMBAT™ I urge you to take the plunge and do it, and soon!!

UDO championships

What an amazing day! I’m still on high now as I’m writing this blog entry.

Today I took my newly formed crew ‘fusion 8’ to our first UDO regional street dance championships held here in Peterborough. We entered into the under 14 beginner category as it was our first competition together as a crew and placed an awesome 4th from a large category of 14 schools, which means we qualified for the worlds championships later this year!!! I think I speak on behalf of all of the group when I say we are super excited at the prospect to represent the UK at this illusive event.


Im so proud of all of the girls hard work and commitment over the past 9 weeks training really hard in and out of rehearsal.  It goes to show hard work pays off, but this is the start of much more hard work to come to take it to the next level.

As a teacher it was such as amazing feeling to hear how much they enjoyed dancing to the crowd and the judges as they walked off of the dance floor, but then to see the look on the girls faces when our name was called to collect our medals and trophy was truly priceless. The excitement running through the group was electric and it certainly took some time to sink in. It is the rewarding moments like this which is why I create these extra opportunities outside of class to really help the girls develop as dancers and ultimately make them feel inspired to go further.


Here’s to the next step and start of what I hope will be a memorable and progressive experience for my little Danzfusion family. Well done girls, you smashed it!!! xx

Move it 2014

I have been going to Move It dance weekend for the past 5 years enjoying the atmosphere of classes and performances from the aspect of a participant. This year was slightly different as I visited the show as a teacher! It was amazing to be on the other side and the buzz from delivering a class was something else. It felt incredible to be able to see so many people smiling and enjoying something that I was presenting to them and I felt truly humbled that so many people had paid to come and take a class with me. I had some amazing comments and feedback at the end of the session with people asking where my classes are and saying its the best Zumba class they have ever been to! Seeing the happiness radiate from people as they danced is out of this world and is the act reason that I teach.
Here is a shortened down video of some of the clips from class

I just want to thank Tony for coming and filming and forever supporting what I do. I wouldn’t be able to half if what I do without him by my side. I also want to thank Amy and Laura for coming and assisting and helping with the class (and Lucy for coming and supporting too!) and being a massive help for the crowd. Lastly a final huge thanks to the Move It team for allowing me to be one of the presenting artists this year. I loved every single minute of it and hope to be back again next year xx

Aqua Aerobics

I have completed another qualification this weekend- this time in aqua aerobics to broaden my skill and teaching level so I can continuously offer more to people that come to my classes. I believe its so important to always learn and improve so I’m taking every opportunity I can to do just this!

As I’m loving the addition of aqua Zumba into my weekly timetable I though why not add aqua aerobics to my belt. There is a misconception that water aerobics is only suitable for pregnant women and the elderly. But water aerobics when done in the right structure and form can be an intense workout providing significant cardiovascular and strength training benefits. This is a form of exercise that is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels — even for professional athletes who are cross-training. Water aerobics is essentially performing aerobic exercises in chest-deep water and is a combination of cardio work and MSE exercises using buoyancy, resistance and hydrostatic pressure properties of the water for a training effect.

Points to think about:

* When engaging in water aerobics, it is best to wear a comfortable and modest swimsuit to prevent unexpected wardrobe malfunctions and more importantly feel comfortable.
* Before engaging in any aerobic activity it is important to do basic stretches and warm up (this should be incorporated into the beginning of a good and well structured class anyway) above
* Don’t forget to hydrate. Just because you are in the water it doesn’t mean that you aren’t sweating as much. Your body temperature is cooler than that on land and you are training in a different way. You are using the water as a tool for the resistance and therefore getting toning benefits as well as CV work.
* like any other class don’t always go for convenience. Some people choose a class purely because of time and location and not because of the actual class or content. It is important the class and instructor suit your needs and that you are getting what you want from the class.

Health Benefits- there is a long list of health benefits of aquatic exercise. Here are just a few:

*According to the American Council on Exercise, water buoyancy reduces the “weight” of a person to 90 percent. This reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles. For this reason, water aerobics will less likely cause injury and muscle soreness. If you are having difficulty performing certain body movements on land, you may find relief when performing them underwater as the water acts as a support. That is why water aerobics is excellent for those with arthritic joints or those recovering from painful injuries because of the reduced impact.

*Your heart rate when exercising in water will be 17 beats per minute less than land-based workouts. Though your heart rate may indicate that your workout is too low, you will actually be working out quite intensely. Pay attention to your body and not your heart rate when engaging in water fitness.

*Water aerobics also increases muscle strength. Instead of weights, the water provides a natural resistance to your movements. Being in the water also increases your lung capacity since your lungs are forced to work harder from the pressure of the water. Being underwater will give you a wider-range of motion and improve flexibility in the joints.

*When exercising in water, you work against 12 times the resistance of air. Simply cupping the water for example with the hands increases the intensity of an arm action and forces the muscles to work harder with helps contribute to muscle development. Increases in intensity, whether its progressions in propulsion, range of movement, lever length or direction change in relation to water turbulence, translate into a higher metabolism resulting in a healthier and leaner body.

Why Zumba??? What are the benefits

So why choose a Zumba class? There are so many different reasons why people choose to go to a Zumba class from the obvious loosing weight and toning the body to social and mental aspects.

People who do regular activity have a lower risk of many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers. Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


I’m passionate about dance and fitness and love seeing the positive impact classes have on people’s lives. I’d love to hear why you come to class and what it has done for you by adding Zumba into your life. So what are you waiting for? Reap the benefits and join the Zumba party!

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2013 has been a very busy year for Danzfusion. From shows to workshops to competitions and demos its been fun for sure! Not just for dance either. My Zumba and fitness calendar has been crazy too from charity events to showcases to new qualifications. I’m super excited to go into 2014 with an increased and broader range on my timetable with more experience and knowledge under my belt. Now I’m a qualified fitness instructor I’m looking to expand my repertoire of class types and get myself on lots of courses this year so I can offer you yet more types of exercise classes to incorporate into your workout regime.

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone for their achievements no matter how big or small. Personal progression is so important whether its in your fitness, weight loss, dance ability and technique or just more self esteem and confidence. My main aim and goal with what I do is to deliver sessions that people enjoy, look forward to and want to come back to. It means so much to me to see growth and change whether its physical, emotional or social. I don’t think I can put into words how much passion I have for what I’ve spent the let decade building and just hope that my love for it transpires to people who i share my classes with. I love hearing what you think so please tell me!!! Send me a message, email or simply post on my Facebook page

Well done to you all. 2013 you’ve been a blast!! Here’s looking forward to more for 2014! Live, love, laugh and learn. Danzfusion…. uniting people and dance x

Exercise to music

This term I’ve been working on my exercise to music fitness qualification. After weeks of studying and taking my exam this weekend I have passed and I am now a qualified fitness instructor! Although I have been a licensed Zumba instructor for nearly 3 years I can now expand my fitness class teachings now I have taken this step as it is the basis for all other gym fitness classes. I’m really looking forward to broadening my knowledge and the types of classes that I can teach. I love so may different types of classes from aerobics to body combat to yoga and resistance training that I can’t wait increase my skills and number of qualifications.

Although I adore Zumba the Exercise to music course has really opened my eyes and understanding to all of the planning and theory that goes into structuring a class. Unlike Zumba there is much more to understand in terms of training principles, special population adaptations not to mention the sheer scale of anatomy theory. Zumba does state that a fitness qualification is recommended but it is not a prerequisite. I strongly believe that a fitness or dance background should be required and that Zumba should look to change this and make the training process much more like that of the exercise to music. Not only did I have to work on and take a practical assessment I had to sit theory papers to show competence and understanding of what lies behind a training session. Surely if Zumba did this then… yes there would be a smaller more number of people teaching but there would be higher level of instructor working rather than a larger volume of instructors. Surely we all want to go to a class where the instruction is quality where the leader is not only passionate but a role model that is inspiring and knowledgeable.

Anyway onto the positive 🙂 I’m now looking into 2014 with lots more courses in mind. I’m all about continued learning and self progression as you can always improve, work harder and achieve your goals. If you get to a point where you feel you have peeked then its time for change. The great thing about the fitness world is that there is always scope for improvement with increasing and altering training regimes and there will always be something new to do, which really excites me! Watch this space!


Had a few days reflecting over the past years of danzfusion and looking at what it is I do, have done and accomplished so far. I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m looking forward to expanding on what I do and branching out in different ventures and paths along the way but it will ultimately all fall back to dance.

I started off as a youngster totting around in a little pink leotard never knowing where it would end up and that it would ultimately be my career! I am eternally grateful to my first dance teacher mrs Palmer as without her I would have not have continued as a hobby for all those years, then studied at college, gone on further trainings and do what I do now. Although what I did back all those years ago is very different from what I do now it gave my the confidence, drive and love of all things dance.

Its so I’m important to remember your roots and where you came from, as without that you essentially wouldn’t be where you are now. Everyone should always strive to improve and better themselves whether it be in work, personal life, dance or any activity, but appreciating and respecting how you got there is vital to continue this process. I hope that my work through danzfusion classes and opportunities does just this for my students. I want to give people who attend my classes the fundamental building blocks that they can look back on and say that’s how I got to where I am now. I give the advice, tools and teachings and it is up to each individual person to run with those. How much work, effort, practice and focus they put it will ultimately determine how far they will get to what goals they achieve.

I have so many girls who have danced with me for years being loyal and determined members of Danzfusion who have grown into mature and driven young people. This past year has seen me having to let go of some amazing potential who I know will succeed if they keep their heads in place and work as hard as they have done since they started Danzfusion. I wish them every success in university, colleges or whatever they decide is their next step in their journey. Look back at what you have achieved, how you’ve grown and be proud!

I don’t claim to be the best dancer out there, far from it. As a teacher it is imperative to keep learning and never be comfortable. Always push and challenge yourself as this is the key to personal growth. Being humble is by far the most important trait a person can have. No-one wants to work with someone who knows it all or slates what they used to do. It’s all part and parcel of who you have become; a very valuable lesson to remember.

My main aim and reason I set up danzfusion was to inspire and have an impact on the people who participate in my classes. So even if it’s an increase in confidence, weight loss or improved fitness or just the enjoyment of dancing if someone gets something from what I do I have completed what I set out to do.

Keep pushing, being respectful and keep working hard! xx

Encore 2013- UDO competition

This weekend I took a group of danzfusion students to encore 2013, a dance completion run by the UDO. It was the first one of its kind that the UDO have put together in that it offered competition in various genres of dance rather than just a street dance championship which they are know for.

The competition was split into street and cheer, jazz and modern, musical theatre and tap and ballet and contemporary. It was fantastic to see such a diverse range of styles under one roof. There was such incredible talent there from some as young as under 10 categories.

Encore was more than just a competition. It was a whole weekend that also offered a number of workshops with the judges and industry professionals so that all dancers could also learn from the experience or even try out something new.

Im so pleased with our result for our first competition together getting through the the finals and coming away with medals and a trophy placing 4th in the street dance category ( Hex Crew) and 5th in the contemporary (capture). Again it’s all about learnt, progressions and personal growth.

Nothing that’s is worth it ever comes easy so putting in the time and the hard work will bring results. Don’t be disheartened or put off if something is difficult or not achieved first time, keep at it and it will come. I will take what I’ve learnt from this experience and put it into the next one to achieve higher, something that everyone can do each time they dance at a class or event. Events like this one are not only to enter and win but to become a better version of you by soaking up the experience and above all enjoying what it is dance brings.

So…..number 1 Set your goals, 2 strive towards them in class, rehearsals and personal practice, 3 grab opportunities with both hands and 4 keep dancing!!!


Musicality workshop with Turbo

This weekend I was lucky enough to arrange a workshop with none other than Turbo!! Turbo has been working in the dance industry for many years but came to the public eye with Got to Dance 3 years ago. Since then he has judged at many UDO events and appeared as a regular judge on CBBC’s Alesha’s street dance stars.

He ran a 2 and a half hour musicality session teaching the students about how to listen to and merge with the music. Hitting music and fitting with the beats and accents is what we all work at when we dance but taking it further and becoming at one with the music to achieve musicality is what we aspire to. He taught the children about listening to the separate parts of the music; the foot kick, high hat and snare, and how to interpret them into movement.

This short snippet shows just that:

Not only was it informative but thoroughly enjoyable. The girls had smiles on their faces for the entire time (even when doing press ups!!) Turbo is a friendly, outgoing fun person making everyone laugh throughout with his personality and teaching style.

Again I really hope that this session achieved my goal as a teacher- to inspire my students to progress and be the best they can be. For me dance is not only about learning a skill but helping to grow in confidence so with each class, workshop or show its about personal progression so that we can look back and say this is where I started and this is where I am now!

Zumba home office zin day

This weekend I managed to bag myself a space on the Zumba home office zin day in London. The days was broken down into a masterclass session with the fab ZES (Zumba education specialists) and ZJ (Zumba hammers) team. There was then a speech and inspirational talk from the home office followed by a miniature snippet from the pro skills course.

It was a high energy fun packet session that allowed instructors to meet and be inspired with fresh music and choreography. I wish there was more of these on offer more frequently because there was such a great vibe and atmosphere, so much so that its made me add some new tracks into class this week from the inspiration of some new tunes!

Aqua Zumba

Last weekend I completed another speciality training on the Zumba fitness programme. This time was aqua Zumba, which is literally taking the party of a Zumba class to the swimming pool !! I had an amazing day meeting and working with Abbey Addams, a ZES specialising in many of the Zumba areas. Not only was the day informative it was thoroughly enjoyable because Abbey brought energy and enthusiasm to the studio learning right through to the pool masterclass.

Aqua classes can be seen as an ‘easy option’ but I was surprised to see how much work it would actually be. It uses the principle of using the water as your training tool to have a resistance effect. Like any class you can have easier options but with the formula of the Zumba programme you can also push yourself for a more intense workout.

The class is great for anyone wanting something lower impact so whether it be that your recovering from an injury, have joint problems or simply want a different type of training aqua Zumba can be the answer.

I’m so excited about bringing this new class to my weekly schedule as its not widely accessible with very few places offering it. It’s a more modern approach to aqua fitness using music as the basis for the session. Like regular Zumba the class is choreographed to high energy music to get you in the party mood. Watch this space for related news and fingers crossed it won’t be too long before a session appears on my timetable 🙂

Fitness fiesta

So this weekend I went along to the Fitness fiesta at Hemsby. It’s basically a weekend dedicated to fitness classes! A great opportunity to try out some new classes or do some of your favourites from the les mills training programmes to yoga and dance classes.

I spent most of my time in dance classes doing a variety such house, Zumba, soca jam, an 80’s revival class, and even a rave!! My 2 stand out favourites were rave fit and fight klub. Rave fit was basically an hour of going crazy learning rave style choreography in a disco with glow sticks! It was high intensity, massive energy and so much fun! Something really different that you don’t get the chance to do every day


Fight klub is a boxing style class where you follow instruction in arm and leg combinations hitting the bag. It’s an intense workout leaving you certainly feeling it the next day!

I came home feeling a mixture of exhilarated and exhausted! This was only my second time at a fiesta weekend but they are a great way to meet new like minded people and enjoy classes lead by top instructors that you don’t get the chance to see on a weekly basis. Planning the next one already 🙂

Groove on down the road

Whenever I see a zoonation show pop up on twitter I have to try and get tickets to go and see it. I was fortunate enough to be able to go and watch ‘groove on down the road’ a few weeks ago.

A hip hop dance show based on the wizard of oz seeing Dorothy and her friends dance their way down the yellow brick road to get what they desire from the wizard. It was a very entertaining show that highlighted some amazing young talent training with the infamous zoonation company. With only a relatively small cast I was generally surprised on how they managed to captivate and keep the audiences attention form start to finish as they popped, locked and krumped their way around the stage and theatre, even dancing in and around the audience. There was some very impressive breakdancing too that was done in true zoonation style with innovative choreography.

I’m not sure if it was a one off production or if it will be returning again but definitely worthwhile going to see, a real family show 🙂


Fundraiser demo

Danzfusion danced last weekend at a local event to support Macmillan cancer as part of a fundraising and awareness day. The group performed a few dance sets to the crowds followed by a Zumba demo that I led and got the crowd got involved. As always a fun afternoon giving back to the community and spreading the word to help a worthwhile cause.


Heels workshop

Today Danzfusion were lucky enough to welcome Frida Svensson to Peterborough to teach a hip hop in heels workshop. Frida is a very inspirational choreographer and teacher who certainly knows her stuff!! She taught heel techniques and a fierce routine to give everyone the chance to let go and to really live in the music.


The session was not only about learning dance steps but developing in a personal sense to help build confidence. It’s certainly important to do this first to then allow us to grow physically as a dancer. Classes are about learning, trying something new and pushing yourself to achieve your own goals, which is exactly what Frida focused on.

I absolutely loved today, having the chance to let go and just enjoy the freedom of the style. The session in a few words was intense, fun and fabulous!! Here is a little clip of the choreography.

Annual show

A massive congratulations to the whole cast of this years Danzfusion show ‘Brit Beatz’. This years show was a tribute to all things British from events from the news from the last year to icons in music and film from this country. The show included not only street dance but contemporary and acrobatic dance also to give the audience a nice variety and show the different talents of the students.

Brit Beatz was a great success with lots of amazing feedback from the families and audience who watched the show. This is why I do the shows; not for fame, money or recognition but for the friends of families of the students I teach to see what they have learnt and accomplished. For me its not about having the most flashy and expensive production but simply seeing the children of all ages get up on stage and perform. It can take a lot of courage to get up on stage so its a huge achievement in itself to perform in front of a large audience. I am so unbelievably proud of everyone for their work and hope everyone who watched is too.

This was our 7th annual show!! Some of the cast have been with me right from the first one so its brilliant to see their progress over the years and how they’ve grown and developed into great young people and dancers. On the other end of the scale for some it was their first show with Danzfusion ( and hopefully many more to come!) It is lovely for the audience to be able to see this spectrum from the small 4 years olds and how they will work up over to years to become one of the seniors in shows to come.

It has to be said that the shows can be somewhat stressful shall we say in the weeks leading up to it, but its all worth it at the end to see they finished result! This year I was happily able to organise getting the show filmed so that parents can buy a DVD as a memento of the show. They are being made as we speak so I hope you enjoy them when they arrive.
Now all thats left to say is enjoy your summer holiday and if I don’t see you at one of the workshops over the next few weeks I’ll see you back in September,

Jenna xx

Krump workshop

Today we were lucky enough to have a Krump workshop with Godson. Krump stands for Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise. It is a style within street dance that is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement involving the arms, head, legs, chest, and feet. The youths who started krumping saw the dance as a way for them to escape gang life and “to release anger, aggression and frustration positively, in a non-violent way.

Today krump has evolved from the battle scene and grown into showcasing so it is now translated into choreography. Within the workshop today we looked at Krump basics and practiced techniques within drills and choreography. All of the students who took part in the session thoroughly enjoyed it and was a great opportunity for them to learn something different. Like any style of dance it takes time, effort and hard work to progress so hopefully the girls will take a lot from it and practice 🙂

Godson, one of this years Got to Dance 4’s finalists, took the workshop. It was clear he has a vast knowledge of the style and was very inspirational to watch as he spoke and danced with passion. I loved the session and can’t wait for the next one!!


Can you dance event

A few weekends ago I took a selection of Danzfusion to an event called Can You Dance? Run by Matt Flint and Tom Shilcock its a day of masterclasses and a competition that showcases all styles of dance from street to ballet to jazz and tap.
The masterclasses on the day on offer were contemporary run by Lukas Mcfarlane, jazz by Matt Flint, and commercial from Joseph Hall
And Tom Shilcock.


It was great to do classes in a variety of styles and gain knowledge from leading industry professionals.
When it came to the competition it was the groups first one together. Although nervous they performed brilliantly with some definite swag and received some good feedback to take on for the next competition later this year.
All in all a brilliant day! Here is a video of footage of the day from the can you dance team. We feature on the video so see if you can see me in the teachers masterclass and the group performing their routine!!

Some like it hip hop

Today I went to watch Some Like It Hip Hop at the Peacock Theatre in London. Written by Kate Prince and Felix Harrison of ZooNation the show is a story of love, mistaken identity and revolution, in a city where books are banned, and where women are kept subservient to men. The story revolves around two central female characters, Jo-Jo and Kerri. When they are discovered breaking the rules of the city, they are thrown out. They decide they have only one option – to return to the city dressed as men. It doesn’t take long for the two women to prove their worth, and it also doesn’t take long for Jo-Jo to fall in love with Simeon, the only educated man in the city. If only she wasn’t wearing a moustache. . . It takes all their efforts to maintain their disguise, find love, and change the world.

Influenced by themes from the classic movie Some Like It Hot, the hit US TV series Mad Men, and Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, a complicated comical tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing, gender stereo-types and revolution are played out in ZooNation’s trademark style of Hip Hop, comedy and physical theatre.

* * * *

One word describes the show….PHENOMENAL! With a small cast of extremely talented dancers, singers and musicians I was entertained from start to finish. With a clean and effortless flow the show had a great variety if hip hop styles not to mention it included a great balance of drama, comedy and emotion. I was blown away by the choreography with how it was cleverly put together and the pure imagination of the pieces. One of my favourite scenes included dancing to acoustic guitar as it was particularly creative with the lyrics in the song. I also loved the inclusion of beat boxing and audience participation at the end of the show. There are literally too many highlights to talk about them all! Maybe a better way is to look at this link to the trailer clip on YouTube and see for yourself:

I’d highly recommend anyone going to see this show. I can quite easily say it is the best show I have seen to date and I would go back to watch it again in a heartbeat!

Break the Floorboards

Last night I went to watch a touring show called Break the Floorboards. Presented by Rifco Arts and Watford Palace Theatre the show is a new dance comedy drama. Fusing the enthralling dance styles of Bollywood and Street, Break The Floorboards is a story about a teenage boy called Zain. All he wants to do is dance, but a disapproving family, peer pressure, his two left feet and an impending fascist march are all getting in his way. A chance meeting with Sophie, a young dancer, ignites hope but can he really escape the grim reality of his recession-hit hometown and turn his life into the glittering world of his Bollywood fantasies.

The show was a clever mix of dance, acting and comedy. I didn’t know what to expect with it being a small show with a cast I’d not heard of before. I was pleasantly surprised and thought was especially creative was the use of such a small cast of 6 dancers to play all parts and piece the story together. Although it was very simplistic with minimal set and costumes it was still very effective with how it flowed from scene to scene using great music and lighting helped to bring the story to life. Good family fun with some great current dance choreography that I’d recommend going to see.



Yesterday was Danzfusion’s second UDO exam session that saw 30 students from 5 years through to 16 take their syllabus exam. From pre primary to grade 2 all of the students did a great job and came out smiling! Results will be in very soon so fingers crossed for everyone.

Our examiner this time was John Graham, a performer and choreographer. He has so many dance credits working with the likes of Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Fergie, Rihanna and Mariah Carey to name but a few. He was great at making the students feel at ease and gave me some great feedback afterwards.

In the session itself the candidates have to dance various styles within the street dance genre including house, breaking, hip hop and locking as well as set choreographies. They are marked not only on remembering exam content but musicality, style, performance and knowledge of the foundations. The syllabus is a great way to help build dancers technique and give them a real understanding of what are the backbones of street dance. It helps them put these into performances, which in turn will help them become a great and well rounded dancer in the future.


I highly recommend the syllabus class for anyone wanting to see a progression in their dancing and help track this progress with certificates upon completion. New classes for September can be seen on the UDO syllabus page of to website. Please contact me to put your child’s name down for a place on the new cycle.


Last weekend I ran a Zumba themed party for a 9th birthday. It was a small group but they had a HUGE amount of energy! The girls were raring to go and full of enthusiasm right from the start. A lot of them had never done Zumba before but it was clear to see they all really enjoyed themselves. It’s a chance for them to dance and have fun with friends in a really relaxed environment.
At first it was quite overcast but as we started Zumba-ring in the garden the sun broke out from the clouds, almost as if we were doing a sun dance! By the end if the session the girls were certainly ready for a rest and some party food. Before they did we managed to get this great shot with them all showing off their own freestyle poses.
You can see info on the parties page or contact me if you’re interested in having a session at a party of your own.


Yesterday I was lucky enough to arrange a last minute special surprise masterclass for one of my teen classes. Tom Shilcock and Matt Flint came in and ran a 30 minute commercial masterclass for a group of my students to promote a touring event called Can You Dance? The students absolutely loved the session and even after a short period of time it was really noticeable to see an improvement in confidence. Matt and Tom explained the importance of performing and feeling the music and choreography, making each movement, shape and expression count. I think it was great experience for the girls to see and work with industry professionals who have vast experience in the dance world, and hope each one took something away from the session.


The Can You Dance? event itself is running at 3 locations and offers competition, exhibitions and master classes. Info can be seen here on
The event is about experiencing different teaching styles and mixing with like minded people and industry experts so that dancers can grow and involve in their dancing. I am going with a small group of student for what is sure to be a fun day out.

Dance Onboard Show

Yesterday marked another show for the Danzfusion squad groups, who performed in a local variety style dance show. The annual show, Dance Onboard, showcases local dance schools in the city and gives the opportunity for them to perform together in one production rather than competing against one another. It’s great for the audience to see a variety of dance styles from ballet to tap to street and musical theatre.

Like my annual shows its a great way for my students to gain confidence in performing and improve not just individual but also as a collective group. This year we showcased 3 routines; a street dance, a commercial piece and a contemporary dance. I wanted the audience to see different sides of what we cover in class which is why I decided on this particular range of pieces. Below are some snapshots of these 3.


I’m once again very proud off all who danced and represented Danzfusion!! I had some great feedback from audience members saying how much they enjoyed watching it. It’s made my upcoming show all the more exciting and something to really strive towards in count down to July. Keep up the hard work everyone xx

Zumba- the great calorie drive event

You may have seen the video footage from my recent Zumba event linked to the worldwide Zumba initiative ‘The Great Calorie Drive’. If not have a look at the video on my Zumba timetable page!! Def worth a watch to see all the fun we had.

I teamed up with a friend and fellow Zumba instructor to bring a special hour and a half class dedicated to the calorie drive. We wanted to get as many people in a one off weekend session as possible and get everyone to check in together to donate a mass amount of calories. We had a great response and had 84 at the event. Not everyone managed to check in with the troubles of technology but we did still manage to donate a MASSIVE 52,500 calories to the cause. It was a fab afternoon with lots of fun had by everyone.
It was particularly nice to team up and do some choreography together as well as do our own sets so that all of our fab ladies could see us working together rather than against each other, which is what sadly can happen in the dance and fitness industries. It also allowed all of our ladies (and few gents!) to benefit from our differing dance styles and experience new tracks that we haven’t done before.


We also had some pupils from a local primary school come along and do some drumming for us whilst we did some Bhangra tracks in the middle of the session. We wanted to get a lively atmosphere and have a real sense of community about the day so it was great to have them involved. To make the afternoon complete we had a zumbawear representative come along so people could reward their hard work with a little treat….. or two!

You can still keep checking into class every time you come along by checking in on the find a class menu using the Zumba fitness smart phone app.

Adults acrobatics workshop

I recently ran a children’s acrobatics workshop and thought why not do a version for adults?! So last weekend I ran my first ever adults acrobatics session. The response was great, so much so that I’m running another one next weekend!
As you become older flexibility becomes more difficult to maintain and doing skills such as handstands that you could do so easily as a child on the playground can be an immense task. With regular practice they can again become second nature. Within the session we covered basic acrobatics skills and looked closely at the correct technique to do them so that everyone really focused on body lines and the muscles working to their maximum capacity. We looked at variations or rolls, backbends, handstands, splits and cartwheels. There is so much more that I’m really looking to covering in the follow up session including balance work, floor work and partner work. The benefits are not only just visual but also over time will help to improve strength, flexibility, agility and body awareness.
It can be hard to fit practice in at home around everyday life and schedules. I’m hoping to make this workshop a more regular occurrence so that participants can see a real progression. Keep your eyes peeled for more news!


Adult Hip Hop Class

So I’ve added a few new classes recently, one of which being an adult street dance class. It runs on a Monday 8:15-9:00pm in Bretton, Peterborough. In the session we do warm up and toning exercises to start and then learn choreography for the main portion of the class. We do different routines frequently so members can learn and experience different styles within the street dance genre. Class is a great way to improve fitness level, flexibility, co-ordination and musicality as well as have fun and become more confident.
Like Zumba its a great way to get away from the everyday stresses of life and just let go to the music. I really love teaching street dance as it lets you express yourself and who your are through movement. You can almost see a different side to people sometimes, then seeing the I pro meant over time is magical!
Here is a short video clip of a dance we did last week, enjoy!

Collabo 2013

This weekend saw the return of the Collabo dance festival; a 3 day show in East London celebrating dance and unity within dance crews, groups and choreographers.
I myself have not been to a collabo show before purely because of not being aware about it. Not only was the lineup an absolutely amazing host of performances, but it was really diverse and creative. Away from the standard street dance routines and formations it showed unique takes on music combined some inspirational themes and concepts. Unlike many street dance competitions where crews battle to get first place collabo is about dancers joining forces to dance together and celebrate the art form.
The show consisted of various pieces from collaborations of different groups to interpretations of the same piece of music by different choreographers. There were so many well know acts and groups in the programme such as Turbo, Bodecia, Methods of Movement, Lukas Mcfarlane and IMD. Artists such as Shun, Godson and Mindtrick that featured on Got to dance this year were also involved and were able to showcase themselves out of the context of the television competition. A highlight was the choreographers challenge. At the beginning of the show the audience chose a piece of music from a small selection and gave the choreographer 2 words, which he then had to build a dance around backstage with a group of dancers brought to him there and then. It was indeed a challenge forming a dance around the keywords weather and chicken!!!! This was done whilst the show ran and it was then performed at the end of the night, showing that dance really can be built from anything!
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and would highly recommend anyone go to see this in future whatever style of dance you favour. Breathtaking pieces, inspirational concepts, passionate performances and pure entertainment.


Studio 68

So having a day off the other day I thought I’d make the most of it and go to London to do a few classes myself. Although I love teaching its so nice to take classes. I try to do this as often as possible and put myself in the ‘student’ position. Not only does it help to keep the mind and body active to different styles but helps to keep you fresh and current, as well as allowing to see other teaching techniques and approaches. As dancers is always great to adapt and involve.

I’ve been to pineapple countless times and so thought I’d try out going somewhere different. After meeting and having Lukas run our workshop last week I thought going to Studio 68 where he has a weekly class was the perfect choice. It was a small but welcoming studio that obviously had a close community if dancers within it. I took a contemporary class with Lukas, which was amazing as expected 🙂 To my surprise Kimberly Wyatt was actually there too taking the same class!!! It was very challenging but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After this I did a hip hop in heels class, which can only be described as FIERCE! I absolutely loved it. It was great to do something different that I don’t get the opportunity to do regularly. The teacher was fab in her attitude and passion for what she taught as well as helping understand the style. She really focused on the persona and vibe of the dance rather than the choreography to help us with the confidence within us individually. As well as all of this it was one mighty workout with loads of stretching and ab work. I woke up the next day with lots of aches and pains to show for it! Overall a great afternoon and I’m looking forward to my next visit…..when I next get another day off 🙂

Lukas Mcfarlane Workshop

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this years Got to Dance winner Lukas Mcfarlane. I spoke to him about the possibility of coming to Peterborough to do a workshop with my students, which he gladly accepted. Yesterday we were lucky enough for this to happen, where he came and did an hour and a half class with a group of my pupils.
Rather than work on technique he focused on the intention and emotion of a dance, which he is widely recognised for in his performances. He spoke about the importance of dance being about the individual being able to express themselves and let go through the music to really convey a feeling. Lukas also performed at the end of the session to enhance his teachings and show the passion he uses within his pieces, which even brought some students to tears!
Lukas is not only an extremely talented dancer and performer but is also a great teacher. Although it is a given that a teacher ‘teaches’ not all do. Some get carried away within what they are doing themselves and forget the teaching part, but Lukas takes the time to talk about each movement in its physical sense and the meaning behind it as well as link it intricately to the music.
All of the pupils absolutely loved the session and took something away from it that they can hopefully translate into their dancing and help them progress as dancers and young people. I’m so glad that I could bring them this beneficial opportunity and hope it has been an experience that has inspired each and every one of them.



So most people have heard of Zumba even if they’ve actually tried a class. (If you’ve not tried a class yet, where have you been!!?) Zumba is not only a hit in the UK its a worldwide phenomenon. It’s a Latin inspired dance fitness class that uses different styles such as salsa, reggaeton, soca, merengue and cumbia. Zumba is a high energy fun class that caters for all ages and fitness levels and you don’t have to have dance experience to take part, it really is for everyone. It’s structure means its easy to follow and pick up and allows you to work to your own level and pace. You can take the impact up or down to suit you and your body.
People come to my classes for lots of different reasons. Some for toning and weight loss, some for the health and fitness benefits and some for social aspects. Zumba is not only a great way to meet new people who have similar likes but its a chance for people to forget the stresses of everyday life for an hour and just let go to the music. Whatever you’re reason everyone is welcome in my classes.
For all the critics and cynics out there you may feel that Zumba is just another class, but it really has changed my life. As you get older it can become hard to make lifestyle changes but alongside healthy eating it has helped me shed nearly 3 stone and made me feel happy inside my body again. I invested in a heart rate monitor and watch that counts calories and it shows we can burn over 800 calories in just one hour!!
If I can share and spread my enjoyment for it to others then I’m one happy instructor!!



As well as offering street dance classes on a weekly basis I also have acrobatics classes for children aged 6+ years. Acrobatics classes involve learning variations of key movements such as cartwheels, rolls, handstands and backbends. It also incorporates floor work and standing skills whilst focusing on different areas and exercises that help to improve co-ordination, strength, balance and agility. Flexibility is another vital element to acrobatics and so stretches are done in every session to help increase this.
To bring in the dance side to the lessons I incorporate learning choreography around the skills covered in class and give the students the opportunity to perform these in the annual showcase to parents. Acrobatics is a great opportunity to improve technique that can also help with other genres of dance as well as being a fun and different style to learn. Children can feel a real sense of achievement and accomplishment, as they can easily track and see when skills are getting better.