Hello 2020

So here we are saying farewell 2019 and hello to 2020. It’s safe to say 2019 has been a busy one for us; bring a new little person into the world whilst casually building and opening a studio!

Like anything there’s a weighing scale and which way will it tip? Tiredness and stress can sometimes weigh you down but the balance is ultimately outweighed by the joy of the overall outcome. I always knew this year would be tough but looking forward at my dreams and goals in my heart believed the risk would in the end be worth it. We are far from achieving everything I’ve set my sights on and it will be a long process but starting to see my vision come to light this year having and a home for the company I’ve built is an incredible feeling.

Sure I know there will be times when I question why did I embark on this? but with hard work and determination hopefully that why will turn into why did I not do it sooner? And this leads me to some questions for you….. Why not set my goals higher this year? Why not push and challenge myself to achieve greatness? Why not believe in myself more? It is very often that fear of failing, or not getting it right can hold us back from trying. Fear that someone will laugh or judge if we get it wrong. Ultimately we need to sometimes just be brave, take the leap and just do you no matter what anyone else thinks. So my message to you for 2020 is go big, follow your heart and dreams and do what brings you happiness. Live and learn through the mistakes, they make you stronger.

Grow, shine bright and own who you are 🧡🧡🧡

Much love Jenna x

Here we go!

A quick thank you to everyone who has been through the studio doors so far. Your support means so much to me and I know this is only the start of some amazing things to come!

We moved in towards the end of last term so didn’t have long until the wind down of the summer holidays. Over the summer which family holidays and breaks the focus was more on the adult classes, which is an area I’m keen to build upon.

There’s a real gap in Peterborough for adult dance classes. There is a vast array of fitness classes around within gyms and smaller local run sessions but literally minimal dance. I know there is Zumba and some classes dotted around but my aim is to be the facility that can offer lots of different styles under one roof that you can’t get collectively in one place at another venue. I want to be able to offer sessions that are not only delivering on the health and fitness side but are fun, sociable and allow people to express themselves and feel the joy that dance brings. This has become quite apparent over the holidays when having conversations with a couple of lovely ladies who have been attending classes. Their words to me literally made my heart warm when they both said how it’s wonderful to have something for them again away from being a mummy and it’s allowed them to feel like themselves again having a part of them that was missing for a long time. I can totally relate myself as around my 2 children and work I rarely have anytime for myself. I’m lucky enough that my job is a passion and everyday I can have time doing something I love. I want to be able to provide this time for people (and I’m not restricting to just mummies here!) to get away from work and every day stresses and just enjoy in the moment.

So with all this being said watch this space! What we have now is the beginning and as the studio grows and the space develops so will our programme. I have a whole list of classes I want to add once we expand past one studio. We can’t do this though without your help so please help us spread the word where you can, share with friends and colleagues for themselves or their children. Help us grow the Danzfusion family and in turn I can put my future plans into action to really bring something special to the community 🧡

Thank you x

Danzfusion Studios

Ever since beginning Danzfusion I’ve had a goal to have my own studio. A base for the company I created and a place the students could have as their dance home. This after years of dreaming about it is now becoming a reality. I’m so excited to announce that Danzfusion studios are coming!

2019 has already been a busy year to say the least. With not only a new addition to my family and a new chapter in my personal life but the next instalment to my career is on the horizon. Creating an environment where each participant regardless of age, ability or background feels comfortable, accepted and confident is something I have always strived for. Running from our own studio rather than other venues is going to enforce this ethos even more providing a safe and personal space for children, young people and adults alike. The studio will be our own permanent base for all classes, allow the freedom and flexibility for more opportunities and a space to bring the local community together.

The studio itself is a big project that my my husband and I are undertaking but as soon as I viewed the space I saw my vision start to come to life. In a fantastic location close to the town centre and access to parkways it is easily accessible from many areas of the city. With scope to expand and run a vast timetable it’s the next step to the evolution of Danzfusion to reach and bring more people together. We will begin with one studio but there is the space to have multiple studios and classes running simultaneously so there really are no limits.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you; all current members and people wishing to join the company. I can’t thank you enough for your support so far and hope you are as excited as I am about the next stage and what lies ahead. With big plans for additions to the timetable, workshops and masterclasses that we can regularly offer, social events and services we can provide the future is truly exciting. Stay tuned for developments and news as it is unveiled xx

Open audition day

We are holding an open audition day to find hard working, enthusiastic and passionate dancers to join our competition teams. With spaces on the mini, under 14 and under 18 team the session will be open ages. We will be looking for technique, ability to pick up choreography, work ethic and attitude, how you work within a team and performance skills.

If you are aged 7-17 and think you have what it takes send us an email to request an application form. This is an open session so Danzfusion members and children outside of the company are welcome.

Danzfusion Evolution 

Hello everyone, just a quick entry to let you all know if you hadn’t seen yet that tickets are now on sale for our end of year show. All details as always are on the annual show page including the link to book your tickets from the Cresset.

With the exciting expansion Danzfusion is undergoing this year I decided to name our annual show “Danzfusion Evolution”. With new and old cast members working together we showcase the company’s talent in a celebration of dance and music for all the family. With new classes, evolved competition and performance teams, and more open classes than ever Danzfusion are proud to provide opportunities to bring together the local community of Peterborough and highlight more than ever the positive impact and important of dance enrichment. This is something very close to my heart that I am proud to back our work 100% does. We hope to have your support and see you there xx


Busy times and exciting things are coming…..

So as we reach the half term it’s a time for a little rest and recovery but also a time for planning ahead…..and boy are there a lot of things in the pipeline!

Numerous competitions for the squad teams, demonstrations and open days for the company, additions to the timetable and an addition to my family 💕

Look out on the social pages for updates of events we have on including an open day for new classes being added to the timetable next term. The day will be a selection of free taster classes that will be bookable to try out what we have to offer from new mini classes to adult sessions. Details will be released over the next half term of class times and how to book in on the open day. You can also register your interest now in a class so that you are one of the first to know and get one of the limited spaces.

Happy New Year

So here we are at the end of another year and like most there have been ups and downs, but so many highlights making 2018 a year to remember for sure!

I feel privileged to have met and helped so many people this year whether it be in classes, with their nutrition or in personal life. Words can not express how happy I am to have created stronger bonds with many of my wonderful Danzfusion family. A huge highlight for me this year was qualifying and attending world championships with 2 of the squad teams. As well as the weekend being a great experience for all involved what has come from it means so much more. To see the friendships between students and parents alike develop was magical. Everyone caring for and supporting each other was beautiful to witness and watch as everyone soaked up and enjoyed every moment. I love watching the girls shine on stage but also standing back and see the other moments of them having fun, free styling and blossoming in confidence is something I am lucky to experience as part of what is labelled as a job! Equally seeing the passion come from it to work towards next year and the personal growth has been incredible. It’s these extra experiences that can really help a student develop past more than ever expected from just attending a dance class.

This too expands beyond competitions when I see the social aspects of the dance school with pupils from different schools coming together in class. I really feel what we have is special and so much more than tuition but a vital role in the development of young independent people.

I too have been on a personal journey this year too learning more about myself, setting goals and putting steps in motion to make dreams come true. The next few months are going to be hard work for sure but I can’t express how excited I am for the plans and goals I have set myself to hopefully become reality. Here’s to 2019, may it be consumed most importantly with what we makes you happy and fulfilled. I suggest not to set New Years resolutions of stopping or doing less of something but thinking about what you think will enhance your life. Make the decision to implement this so that you can enjoy long term joy and contentment. You have 12 chapters to your year book ahead and 365 chances to be happy, make each day count. How will your journal read? ❤️ xx

Motivation vs Discipline

I have recently been on some trainings where a speaker caught my attention on the topic of motivation vs discipline. Listening to this and reflecting encouraged me to think a little more about how this question relates to my life. Perhaps we should start with the definition of each to understand a little clearer…..

Motivation is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

We take actions to achieve a goal or use motivation as an incentive to gain something we desire. One of the easiest to think about is a physical goal of achieving a certain dress size or weight or maybe training to work towards an event such as a marathon, charity event or grading/ examination of some sort. In each there is a start date, a plan and an end date. This is what I think hits the nail on the head- an end date….To be the best version of you is to continuously grow and improve so surely there’s never an end date to this? I think this hugely applies to what my life is based around with dance. As a dancer you are always learning and training to become stronger, fitter, more flexible, more creative, expressive and technically correct, which leads us perfectly to discipline.

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules of codes of behaviour using punishments to correct disobedience. When applied to aspects of every day life this could be a variety of things from daily health habits of eating or exercise, a passion or hobby, running a business to name a few. We don’t always want to do something but by training our mind to carry it out regardless will lead to a more sustainable result.

Discipline is hugely important in the world of dance training weekly and daily to engrave your craft into you head, body and heart.

Going back to every day life this is why I believe discipline is the better way of thinking. Looking at the 2 it is clear to see which is more beneficial long term. Surely no argument that it’s discipline as motivation can be short lived and we want lasting results right? Motivation can fade quickly but instilling discipline by training yourself to do things you don’t necessarily want to do means you will get them done no matter what rather than doing them in the moment or that period when you’re excited and pumped up.

I can be the first to say I’m always busy and have a million and one tasks to do. Previously most of the time I tended to do the ones I want to do first, the ones I’m drawn to rather than the ones I should do first. This is where discipline kicks in. For a while now I’ve been using a planner and plan out my weekly business and personal tasks creating a priority list of 3 things to get done every day. These are things I must get done to move my business forwards as well as the day to day running of it. I don’t always want to do them and we’re only human where distractions can get in the way but I’ve almost conditioned myself now to set time aside every day to get these completed and as a result feel much more organised and productive.

Take a look at what you want to achieve and become disciplined to your purpose for “Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing”.

UDO Academy

What better time than when we are on our way to the world championships to announce that we have the UDO academy coming to the timetable soon!

So what is the UDO academy all about???

The UDO Street Dance syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation, from a pre primary level through to a teaching level. Within each level it will introduce the foundations in all styles of street dance within choreography and teach fundamental skills such as timing and musicality. After taking syllabus classes students will be able to take street dance examinations to set standards and reward achievement and progression and gain UDO accreditation.

The syllabus allows dancers from the age of 4 to sit the examinations, and work their way through the grades, to eventually have the opportunity to gain a fully recognised teaching qualification in street dance.

The UDO syllabus is also being supported by the Exercise Movement & Dance Partnership (EMDP) & Sport England.
Completing the syllabus will allow students to Improve in all hip hop styles, and be rewarded for their hard work & dedication. The students will learn techniques & foundations of each style, develop stronger technical disciplines along with the benefit of enhancing their performance abilities. Dancers will be challenged to reach for personal goals and attain their personal potential through hard work and determination

Dancers will be given the opportunity to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dancers and choreographers. Not only this but students will be able to use new skills to improve in competitions and performances. See some of the other benefits below;

*Nurtures positive competitive values

*Build confidence levels

*Collect all the certificates and pin badges

*Track progress as a dancer

Keep your eyes peeled for information on when classes will be added the the schedule very soon……..

The voices behind the company

I wanted to do a little montage so rather than it coming from me you could hear straight from the children. I simply asked for some photos and clips of what they love about dance and Danzfusion and it literally made my heart melt as they came in ❤️ dance is so much more than just learning a piece of choreography. Take a look and see for yourself…..


Home workout

Personally for me I love the buzz and feel of a class with that social element and feeding off of the energy in a group exercise environment. I do appreciate that it’s not always easy to find the time to get out to a class or the gym or even find something you like that fits your personal schedule. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still workout as there’s things you can do to still add exercise into your daily routine. I also know the sofa can easily call you or a distraction of jobs to do or a TV programme can make you think oh I’ll start next week……Setting yourself just 20-30 minutes aside can still really benefit you. Why not this quick workout at home. No equipment needed just yourself and some space 🙌🏻

Make sure you do a quick warm up to start and stretch to finish. One will be added to my YouTube channel shortly. You can subscribe to follow me https://www.youtube.com/user/DanzfusionJennaTudor

Set yourself interval times of work then rest between each exercise for example 30/30 or 40/20 seconds work/rest.

#homeworkout #fitness #healthylifestyle

Life is a journey 💚

Following a wonderful bank holiday day by the sea creating memories with my family it has led me to reflect a little on the journey home. Looking back over the past year so much has happened in my work and personal life. Aside from the obvious life changing event of having my little boy so many things have changed for me personally from my outlook, future goals and aspirations to personal health.

I’ve always been massively into my health and fitness but have found a new appreciation for a wider spectrum of this incorporating elements of mindfulness and a deeper interest in nutrition to improve my wellbeing. I’ve added elements of personal development into my life to help me learn and grow daily and become a better person. This I know is down to finding Herbalife a little over a year ago. I started with Herbalife initially after finding myself very unhappy in my body, lacking confidence and feeling like I’d lost a part of me after child birth. Although I’d been given the most wonderful gift of love, the magnitude of which I never knew I could feel, I knew something wasn’t as it should be and I needed to take action to make a change. I needed to find where I was happy again within myself but never imagined what it would lead me to experience, achieve and ultimately discover.

In just weeks of being Introduced to Herbalife I noticed a change in how I started to feel in my energy, which shortly developed into physical and mental changes. A few months down the line the opportunity to become a promoter was presented to me and initially I thought my life was too busy and chaotic enough to even consider it. Something however twigged my curiosity for me to take a look at the opportunity, which I will now be forever greatful for. I was in two minds to begin with; I feared I wouldn’t have the time and wouldn’t be able to do it and was scared of something new. Something told me though not to ignore it as the products had made such a change to my life that I needed to learn more. The idea of being able to create more time freedom and set a future for my family was what ultimately made me look further. When I saw how I could help others feel the way it had helped me was just as the say the icing on the cake!

A year on I LOVE the affects I have seen on clients lives with their health and happiness. I love the community I’ve been able to grow through it and that I am now sharing the business opportunity to other people to be able to help them make a change for their future. I love how it has enabled me to meet so many people, cut back on my workload and create more time to enjoy my baby growing up and not missing those magic moments. Life is too short to be stuck working doing something that makes you unhappy. Dream big and with the right mindset you can achieve whatever you set out for in any aspect of your life 💚 xx

Worlds here we come!

So a little late in writing up after the regional competition earlier this month but a little post to congratulate all of the squad teams for their amazing results. All 4 teams qualified for the worlds championships later this year placing third in their categories. I’m immensely proud of all of the students hard work not only on the day but in classes rehearsing up to the day. The passion and performance that each one of the girls gives is so rewarding to see as a teacher and I feel they are a real inspiration to other students in the school.

As well as the teams we had a number of duos and some solo’s also qualify which is an amazing achievement. I can’t wait for the world championships in the summer (hotel already booked I’m that excited 😆) and know the girls are buzzing to get stuck into rehearsals too.

We will be holding a fundraising family fun day very soon so keep your eyes peeled for news of that!

Again congratulations girls, you are all superstars 🌟

Hello 2018

So farewell 2017 and thanks for a great year!! There’s been some downs with our little B being poorly and in Hospital a few times and some challenging moments along the way but all in all you’ve been a cracker of a year!

So many personal highlights like hearing my baby say his first words and taking his first steps but also some new ventures with my work life. I’ve become a herbalife promoter after finding and falling in love with the products. They allowed me to get back into shape post pregnancy and create some lasting healthy habits so I now feel the best I have in a long time. Because of this I decided to add this string to my business and help others become happy and healthy too. It’s been an amazing journey so far seeing lots of clients improving their health and not only feeling good but looking amazing too!

It feels fantastic to be back in full swing with Danzfusion too after a short break for maternity leave. On top of the regular highlights like our end of year show seeing so many students achievements in and out of class Is an incredible feeling. I’d like to welcome new members who have joined this year; Danzfusion is continuing to grow stronger and stronger.

So I leave you with a huge thank you for your continued support. I’m so excited to move into 2018 with some big plans and build our community and Danzfusion family even more….. so dream big and aim higher than you imagine and who knows what you’ll achieve 💕 Danzfusion – Uniting people and dance

Celebrating achievement

A lovely little post to close the year with positivity here are some stories of achievements from some students of Danzfusion this year.

Mia Hope 12 and Tamera christie-Beddington 10 found a friendship through the Danzfusion as they were paired up as duo partners in 2016. With hours of practice both in class at in their spare time this paid off as they racked up a number of trophy’s at various competitions over 2017, including achieving two 1st place and a 3rd place at competitions across eastanglia which securing them a place at the UDO world championships and nationals.

Tamera has also had some amazing solo achievements too where she has earned 1st place at 3 competitions. I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2018 bring for the girls as it’s beautiful to see not only their dance talent grow but a beautiful friendship blossom too.

Next I would like to congratulate Maisie Watson who has been a part of Danzfusion for 10 years. She is on the completion team as well as additional weekly classes and also helps with one of the younger groups. She has just gained a place at Addict Dance Academy based in Leicester for September 2018. This is a BTEC extended diploma is performing arts and dance that works in partnership with Loughborough College. It is a full time course following from her GCSE’s as full time further education that consists of Jazz, Ballet, Commercial, Tap, musical theatre,choreography and business studies. I wish Maisie all the best when she begins this new exciting chapter and have no doubt she will go far pursuing her passion for dance.

Next we have Poppy Bevan, a younger member of Danzfusion who is part of #fuse competition team. Poppy took part in the 1st William Law’s Got Talent at her primary school. She adapted a dance Jenna had choreographed in class and came 3rd out of over 300 entrants. Poppy loves to dance and was extremely happy with her achievement.

Moving onto Nicola Gregory, another long term student and member of LLD competition team. Nicola Was recently awarded an Outstanding achievement in performing arts for year 11 in 2017. She achieved full marks and 2 A* for her GCSE dance and drama. Nicola is such a hard working, focused mature young woman who I know is going to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to. Over the years her dancing ability and passion has improved tremendously and is beautiful to see reflected in moments like these. Congratulations and keep up the incredible work.

A little different for this next student Leah Bennett who entered a competition from a post I forwarded on earlier in the year to become the face of Ratchet clothing for 2018. From hundreds of applicants Leah made it through to final rounds where she recently travelled to the head offices in Nottingham for a photo shoot. She had a great day and we can’t wait to hear how she gets on when revealed in the New year. Good luck Leah!

Thank you 2017!

Wow what a year it’s been! After having Blake last year it’s been a very different year for sure juggling family life and work, but this year has seen me take on new challenges and develop into a whole new person. I’ve learned to adapt in ways I would never have done before (get by and function on a lot less sleep for one!) but I think without realising it’s changed my perception and outlook.

….I would definitely say I appreciate things more and am grateful for what life brings. Life is too short to not enjoy each day so with certain events it’s taught me to stay positive even when things can be difficult or challenging. This year literally flown by and so much has happened in my personal life that’s it’s important to always keep at the forefront of your mind that to be truly happy focus on what you want and make it happen! That way there’s not any ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ or that ‘what could have been?’ question. So with this I encourage you to have goals, follow your dreams, do what you love and find your happiness 💕 Merry Christmas Everyone xx

Be Kind Campaign 

Following ITV’s this morning’s Be Kind Campaign I wanted to bring the Be Kind message into Danzfusion and reinforce the important of how simply being nice to one another can make a huge change in a child’s life. 

This Morning initiated the Be Kind Campaign to offer key advice and an anti-bullying message following recent powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families. It was launched after the huge responses the programme received when 2 mothers shared their tragic stories of how their children committed suicide after being bullied.

The national campaign will urge viewers to pledge to watch the moving interview via the ITV website with their children so that they know they can ask for help and how important it is to be kind.

I sent this video to all of the parents asking them to show their children and help them understand the effects that verbal and mental bullying can have and highlight how this has grown within social media recently. Various social media channels are a huge part in a large percentage of peoples every day lives, and more and more children’s lives so at Danzfusion I want to use the power of instagram, Facebook and twitter to spread a good message that simply being nice to one another can make all the difference to someone’s day and week. 

We will be doing various activities as part of classes to keep reinforcing the Be Kind ethos that I have always supported within Danzfusion. My dance classes are a place where children come not only to learn new skills and dances but to gain confidence, build friendships and most importantly have fun. I strive to provide a safe and happy environment where students feel comfortable with who they are and let them develop that. So everyone smile, be happy and keep being kind 💕

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written an entry. Since my last post I’ve hand my hands kept busy looking after our new addition Blake. It’s crazy that its been nearly 5 months already since he was born!

Over the last term I tried to pop in and visit everyone as much as I could but now Christmas and new Year have passed I will be back teaching the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday classes each week. Nadine will be continuing with Mondays and Tuesdays and also has some new classes added to a Wednesday at a brand new venue. Please check this timetable to see these.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all back and what 2017 has to bring for Danzfusion. This year we have competitions lined up for the squad teams, some events in planning and the annual show has been booked for July with a slightly different theme this year, so keep your eyes peeled on the website and social media pages for info.

So with new year it often bring new resolutions of what to give up. For me I try not to do this of things but look to things on a positive side of goals I would like to achieve. Maybe you could set yourself a challenge of something you would like to accomplish this year? Whatever it is dream big and do what makes you happy. Whether its becoming more confident in yourself, becoming a better dancer, enjoying social time or getting fitter enjoy your dance classes for you every time you come.

See you all soon xx

End of year showcase

Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. Having our annual show earlier this year we finished the year off with a small showcase giving rise all students the chance to perform choreography from this terms classes. As always it makes me so proud to see you all get up and dance showing your individual personality and passion through dance. It’s wonderful to see people’s confidence grow and swag emerge! 

A huge well done to the whole school but as an addition we completed the showcase with a few awards that were given out to students to recognise giving that something extra this year.

I’m going to miss everyone tremendously next term but I’ll be back in the new year with our newest Danzfusion member ready to join the family. Until then I’m on the end of the phone or email if you have any queries. Enjoy the summer xx


So I’ve not written an entry in a little while as its been a busy time recently, which leads me nicely into the content of this new post. Please welcome the newest member to the Danzfusion family who will be joining us in September ❤️👶🏻

Tony and I are over the moon and can not wait to meet you! See you in 6 months hopefully dancing your way to us 🤗

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