Here we go!

A quick thank you to everyone who has been through the studio doors so far. Your support means so much to me and I know this is only the start of some amazing things to come!

We moved in towards the end of last term so didn’t have long until the wind down of the summer holidays. Over the summer which family holidays and breaks the focus was more on the adult classes, which is an area I’m keen to build upon.

There’s a real gap in Peterborough for adult dance classes. There is a vast array of fitness classes around within gyms and smaller local run sessions but literally minimal dance. I know there is Zumba and some classes dotted around but my aim is to be the facility that can offer lots of different styles under one roof that you can’t get collectively in one place at another venue. I want to be able to offer sessions that are not only delivering on the health and fitness side but are fun, sociable and allow people to express themselves and feel the joy that dance brings. This has become quite apparent over the holidays when having conversations with a couple of lovely ladies who have been attending classes. Their words to me literally made my heart warm when they both said how it’s wonderful to have something for them again away from being a mummy and it’s allowed them to feel like themselves again having a part of them that was missing for a long time. I can totally relate myself as around my 2 children and work I rarely have anytime for myself. I’m lucky enough that my job is a passion and everyday I can have time doing something I love. I want to be able to provide this time for people (and I’m not restricting to just mummies here!) to get away from work and every day stresses and just enjoy in the moment.

So with all this being said watch this space! What we have now is the beginning and as the studio grows and the space develops so will our programme. I have a whole list of classes I want to add once we expand past one studio. We can’t do this though without your help so please help us spread the word where you can, share with friends and colleagues for themselves or their children. Help us grow the Danzfusion family and in turn I can put my future plans into action to really bring something special to the community 🧡

Thank you x

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