Happy New Year

So here we are at the end of another year and like most there have been ups and downs, but so many highlights making 2018 a year to remember for sure!

I feel privileged to have met and helped so many people this year whether it be in classes, with their nutrition or in personal life. Words can not express how happy I am to have created stronger bonds with many of my wonderful Danzfusion family. A huge highlight for me this year was qualifying and attending world championships with 2 of the squad teams. As well as the weekend being a great experience for all involved what has come from it means so much more. To see the friendships between students and parents alike develop was magical. Everyone caring for and supporting each other was beautiful to witness and watch as everyone soaked up and enjoyed every moment. I love watching the girls shine on stage but also standing back and see the other moments of them having fun, free styling and blossoming in confidence is something I am lucky to experience as part of what is labelled as a job! Equally seeing the passion come from it to work towards next year and the personal growth has been incredible. It’s these extra experiences that can really help a student develop past more than ever expected from just attending a dance class.

This too expands beyond competitions when I see the social aspects of the dance school with pupils from different schools coming together in class. I really feel what we have is special and so much more than tuition but a vital role in the development of young independent people.

I too have been on a personal journey this year too learning more about myself, setting goals and putting steps in motion to make dreams come true. The next few months are going to be hard work for sure but I can’t express how excited I am for the plans and goals I have set myself to hopefully become reality. Here’s to 2019, may it be consumed most importantly with what we makes you happy and fulfilled. I suggest not to set New Years resolutions of stopping or doing less of something but thinking about what you think will enhance your life. Make the decision to implement this so that you can enjoy long term joy and contentment. You have 12 chapters to your year book ahead and 365 chances to be happy, make each day count. How will your journal read? ❤️ xx

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