Motivation vs Discipline

I have recently been on some trainings where a speaker caught my attention on the topic of motivation vs discipline. Listening to this and reflecting encouraged me to think a little more about how this question relates to my life. Perhaps we should start with the definition of each to understand a little clearer…..

Motivation is a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

We take actions to achieve a goal or use motivation as an incentive to gain something we desire. One of the easiest to think about is a physical goal of achieving a certain dress size or weight or maybe training to work towards an event such as a marathon, charity event or grading/ examination of some sort. In each there is a start date, a plan and an end date. This is what I think hits the nail on the head- an end date….To be the best version of you is to continuously grow and improve so surely there’s never an end date to this? I think this hugely applies to what my life is based around with dance. As a dancer you are always learning and training to become stronger, fitter, more flexible, more creative, expressive and technically correct, which leads us perfectly to discipline.

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules of codes of behaviour using punishments to correct disobedience. When applied to aspects of every day life this could be a variety of things from daily health habits of eating or exercise, a passion or hobby, running a business to name a few. We don’t always want to do something but by training our mind to carry it out regardless will lead to a more sustainable result.

Discipline is hugely important in the world of dance training weekly and daily to engrave your craft into you head, body and heart.

Going back to every day life this is why I believe discipline is the better way of thinking. Looking at the 2 it is clear to see which is more beneficial long term. Surely no argument that it’s discipline as motivation can be short lived and we want lasting results right? Motivation can fade quickly but instilling discipline by training yourself to do things you don’t necessarily want to do means you will get them done no matter what rather than doing them in the moment or that period when you’re excited and pumped up.

I can be the first to say I’m always busy and have a million and one tasks to do. Previously most of the time I tended to do the ones I want to do first, the ones I’m drawn to rather than the ones I should do first. This is where discipline kicks in. For a while now I’ve been using a planner and plan out my weekly business and personal tasks creating a priority list of 3 things to get done every day. These are things I must get done to move my business forwards as well as the day to day running of it. I don’t always want to do them and we’re only human where distractions can get in the way but I’ve almost conditioned myself now to set time aside every day to get these completed and as a result feel much more organised and productive.

Take a look at what you want to achieve and become disciplined to your purpose for “Motivation gets you going but discipline keeps you growing”.

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