Life is a journey 💚

Following a wonderful bank holiday day by the sea creating memories with my family it has led me to reflect a little on the journey home. Looking back over the past year so much has happened in my work and personal life. Aside from the obvious life changing event of having my little boy so many things have changed for me personally from my outlook, future goals and aspirations to personal health.

I’ve always been massively into my health and fitness but have found a new appreciation for a wider spectrum of this incorporating elements of mindfulness and a deeper interest in nutrition to improve my wellbeing. I’ve added elements of personal development into my life to help me learn and grow daily and become a better person. This I know is down to finding Herbalife a little over a year ago. I started with Herbalife initially after finding myself very unhappy in my body, lacking confidence and feeling like I’d lost a part of me after child birth. Although I’d been given the most wonderful gift of love, the magnitude of which I never knew I could feel, I knew something wasn’t as it should be and I needed to take action to make a change. I needed to find where I was happy again within myself but never imagined what it would lead me to experience, achieve and ultimately discover.

In just weeks of being Introduced to Herbalife I noticed a change in how I started to feel in my energy, which shortly developed into physical and mental changes. A few months down the line the opportunity to become a promoter was presented to me and initially I thought my life was too busy and chaotic enough to even consider it. Something however twigged my curiosity for me to take a look at the opportunity, which I will now be forever greatful for. I was in two minds to begin with; I feared I wouldn’t have the time and wouldn’t be able to do it and was scared of something new. Something told me though not to ignore it as the products had made such a change to my life that I needed to learn more. The idea of being able to create more time freedom and set a future for my family was what ultimately made me look further. When I saw how I could help others feel the way it had helped me was just as the say the icing on the cake!

A year on I LOVE the affects I have seen on clients lives with their health and happiness. I love the community I’ve been able to grow through it and that I am now sharing the business opportunity to other people to be able to help them make a change for their future. I love how it has enabled me to meet so many people, cut back on my workload and create more time to enjoy my baby growing up and not missing those magic moments. Life is too short to be stuck working doing something that makes you unhappy. Dream big and with the right mindset you can achieve whatever you set out for in any aspect of your life 💚 xx

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