Be Kind Campaign 

Following ITV’s this morning’s Be Kind Campaign I wanted to bring the Be Kind message into Danzfusion and reinforce the important of how simply being nice to one another can make a huge change in a child’s life. 

This Morning initiated the Be Kind Campaign to offer key advice and an anti-bullying message following recent powerful interviews focused on bullying and the experiences faced by children and their families. It was launched after the huge responses the programme received when 2 mothers shared their tragic stories of how their children committed suicide after being bullied.

The national campaign will urge viewers to pledge to watch the moving interview via the ITV website with their children so that they know they can ask for help and how important it is to be kind.

I sent this video to all of the parents asking them to show their children and help them understand the effects that verbal and mental bullying can have and highlight how this has grown within social media recently. Various social media channels are a huge part in a large percentage of peoples every day lives, and more and more children’s lives so at Danzfusion I want to use the power of instagram, Facebook and twitter to spread a good message that simply being nice to one another can make all the difference to someone’s day and week. 

We will be doing various activities as part of classes to keep reinforcing the Be Kind ethos that I have always supported within Danzfusion. My dance classes are a place where children come not only to learn new skills and dances but to gain confidence, build friendships and most importantly have fun. I strive to provide a safe and happy environment where students feel comfortable with who they are and let them develop that. So everyone smile, be happy and keep being kind 💕

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