MIU Fitness


Dance has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old and 26 years on I still love it every bit as much now as I ever have. It’s a part of my soul and is what makes me truly happy being able to let go and feel free in the music. I appreciate so many different styles and was so excited when I came across the Mash It up training as another genre to add to my list of qualifications.  

The thing I connected with most about the mash it up concept is the fun essence of the class and the idea of everyone relaxing, letting go and being themselves as feel di vibe!! Alicja captures the true culture of dancehall and has cleverly created a programme that anyone can join in with. I feel that with my dance and teaching experience MIU training was a very natural step for me that felt comfortable. I’ve always loved dancehall music so to now to able to teach this class is a dream. 

The training weekend itself was a jam packed weekend of learning and fun. The passion of the master trainers was infectious and a great inspiration for all of us to look up to. The trainer team were only too happy to help and pass their knowledge in any way possible to in turn share their love of dancehall. Although there was a lot of moves and information to get to grips with in a short space of time I loved every minute of it. Ive already had a practice and the reception was very positive. I can not wait to to start teaching and spread the #miulove further. Thank you to all the MIU team ❤️


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