Last weekend was my first experience of a Les Mills quarterly and what a great one it was for my first. GFX was incredible!! A jam packed day of classes where Les Mills welcomed over 2,000 fitness enthusiasts to Alexandra Palace.

It was an all-day event that featured 13 innovative classes from Bodypump to Bodybalance and the grit series. As well as being a training touch point day GFX, like other quarterlies, aims to inspire all who attend with a passion for the most exciting trends in studio fitness.

With an early start (7:00am!!!!) it was full steam ahead as soon as we arrived. My day consisted of 6 classes; Vive, sh’bam, jam, combat, balance and a short jam class in the project room.

The project is a new revolutionary experience where you are lead by your instructor through a virtual journey that uses sight and sound on surround screens as you work out. It was fantastic to use all of your senses and become immersed in the experience. Whether or not it will take off on a large scale I don’t know with costs and gyms being able to take it on, but the concept is great!

My favourite classes of the day were jam and sh’bam by far!! My inner passion for dance mixed with fitness; the perfect combination. I felt myself get totally lost in the music and atmosphere in the room amongst hundreds of people. I completely loved the different feels and vibes of both of these classes and enjoyed how one was a build up of choreography compared to following single choreographies to multiple tracks. It inspired me to want to look at these programmes for later in my les mills career.

There was time to relax and take in sounds of the DJ and mix with other instructors inbetween classes as well as do a spot of shopping in the reebok store. It would have been great as an addition to have question and answer time with some of the les mills team but maybe I will get this opportunity at future events. All in all a thorough enjoyable and some what tiring day that I will look back on with fond memories xx



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