Move it 2014

I have been going to Move It dance weekend for the past 5 years enjoying the atmosphere of classes and performances from the aspect of a participant. This year was slightly different as I visited the show as a teacher! It was amazing to be on the other side and the buzz from delivering a class was something else. It felt incredible to be able to see so many people smiling and enjoying something that I was presenting to them and I felt truly humbled that so many people had paid to come and take a class with me. I had some amazing comments and feedback at the end of the session with people asking where my classes are and saying its the best Zumba class they have ever been to! Seeing the happiness radiate from people as they danced is out of this world and is the act reason that I teach.
Here is a shortened down video of some of the clips from class

I just want to thank Tony for coming and filming and forever supporting what I do. I wouldn’t be able to half if what I do without him by my side. I also want to thank Amy and Laura for coming and assisting and helping with the class (and Lucy for coming and supporting too!) and being a massive help for the crowd. Lastly a final huge thanks to the Move It team for allowing me to be one of the presenting artists this year. I loved every single minute of it and hope to be back again next year xx


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