Had a few days reflecting over the past years of danzfusion and looking at what it is I do, have done and accomplished so far. I absolutely love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m looking forward to expanding on what I do and branching out in different ventures and paths along the way but it will ultimately all fall back to dance.

I started off as a youngster totting around in a little pink leotard never knowing where it would end up and that it would ultimately be my career! I am eternally grateful to my first dance teacher mrs Palmer as without her I would have not have continued as a hobby for all those years, then studied at college, gone on further trainings and do what I do now. Although what I did back all those years ago is very different from what I do now it gave my the confidence, drive and love of all things dance.

Its so I’m important to remember your roots and where you came from, as without that you essentially wouldn’t be where you are now. Everyone should always strive to improve and better themselves whether it be in work, personal life, dance or any activity, but appreciating and respecting how you got there is vital to continue this process. I hope that my work through danzfusion classes and opportunities does just this for my students. I want to give people who attend my classes the fundamental building blocks that they can look back on and say that’s how I got to where I am now. I give the advice, tools and teachings and it is up to each individual person to run with those. How much work, effort, practice and focus they put it will ultimately determine how far they will get to what goals they achieve.

I have so many girls who have danced with me for years being loyal and determined members of Danzfusion who have grown into mature and driven young people. This past year has seen me having to let go of some amazing potential who I know will succeed if they keep their heads in place and work as hard as they have done since they started Danzfusion. I wish them every success in university, colleges or whatever they decide is their next step in their journey. Look back at what you have achieved, how you’ve grown and be proud!

I don’t claim to be the best dancer out there, far from it. As a teacher it is imperative to keep learning and never be comfortable. Always push and challenge yourself as this is the key to personal growth. Being humble is by far the most important trait a person can have. No-one wants to work with someone who knows it all or slates what they used to do. It’s all part and parcel of who you have become; a very valuable lesson to remember.

My main aim and reason I set up danzfusion was to inspire and have an impact on the people who participate in my classes. So even if it’s an increase in confidence, weight loss or improved fitness or just the enjoyment of dancing if someone gets something from what I do I have completed what I set out to do.

Keep pushing, being respectful and keep working hard! xx


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