Fitness fiesta

So this weekend I went along to the Fitness fiesta at Hemsby. It’s basically a weekend dedicated to fitness classes! A great opportunity to try out some new classes or do some of your favourites from the les mills training programmes to yoga and dance classes.

I spent most of my time in dance classes doing a variety such house, Zumba, soca jam, an 80’s revival class, and even a rave!! My 2 stand out favourites were rave fit and fight klub. Rave fit was basically an hour of going crazy learning rave style choreography in a disco with glow sticks! It was high intensity, massive energy and so much fun! Something really different that you don’t get the chance to do every day


Fight klub is a boxing style class where you follow instruction in arm and leg combinations hitting the bag. It’s an intense workout leaving you certainly feeling it the next day!

I came home feeling a mixture of exhilarated and exhausted! This was only my second time at a fiesta weekend but they are a great way to meet new like minded people and enjoy classes lead by top instructors that you don’t get the chance to see on a weekly basis. Planning the next one already 🙂


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