Zumba- the great calorie drive event

You may have seen the video footage from my recent Zumba event linked to the worldwide Zumba initiative ‘The Great Calorie Drive’. If not have a look at the video on my Zumba timetable page!! Def worth a watch to see all the fun we had.

I teamed up with a friend and fellow Zumba instructor to bring a special hour and a half class dedicated to the calorie drive. We wanted to get as many people in a one off weekend session as possible and get everyone to check in together to donate a mass amount of calories. We had a great response and had 84 at the event. Not everyone managed to check in with the troubles of technology but we did still manage to donate a MASSIVE 52,500 calories to the cause. It was a fab afternoon with lots of fun had by everyone.
It was particularly nice to team up and do some choreography together as well as do our own sets so that all of our fab ladies could see us working together rather than against each other, which is what sadly can happen in the dance and fitness industries. It also allowed all of our ladies (and few gents!) to benefit from our differing dance styles and experience new tracks that we haven’t done before.


We also had some pupils from a local primary school come along and do some drumming for us whilst we did some Bhangra tracks in the middle of the session. We wanted to get a lively atmosphere and have a real sense of community about the day so it was great to have them involved. To make the afternoon complete we had a zumbawear representative come along so people could reward their hard work with a little treat….. or two!

You can still keep checking into class every time you come along by checking in on the find a class menu using the Zumba fitness smart phone app.


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