Lukas Mcfarlane Workshop

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting this years Got to Dance winner Lukas Mcfarlane. I admire his style, passion, emotion and obviously incredibl technique from following his journey on TV. I spoke to him about the possibility of coming to Peterborough to do a workshop with my students, which he gladly accepted. Yesterday we were lucky enough for this to happen, where he came and did an hour and a half class with a group of my pupils.
For the workshop he focused on the intention and emotion of a dance, which he is widely recognised for in his performances and spoke about the importance of dance being about the individual being able to express themselves and let go through the music to really convey a feeling. 

Lukas also performed at the end of the session to enhance his teachings and show the passion he uses within his pieces, which even brought some students to tears! Lukas is not only an extremely talented dancer and performer but is also a great teacher. Although it is a given that a teacher ‘teaches’ not all do. Some get carried away within what they are doing themselves and forget the teaching part, but Lukas took the time to talk about each movement in its physical sense and the meaning behind it as well as link it intricately to the music.
All of the pupils absolutely loved the session and took something away from it that they can hopefully translate into their dancing and help them progress as dancers and young people. I’m so glad that I could bring them this beneficial opportunity and hope it has been an experience that has inspired each and every one of them.



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