As well as offering street dance classes on a weekly basis I also have acrobatics classes for children aged 6+ years. Acrobatics classes involve learning variations of key movements such as cartwheels, rolls, handstands and backbends. It also incorporates floor work and standing skills whilst focusing on different areas and exercises that help to improve co-ordination, strength, balance and agility. Flexibility is another vital element to acrobatics and so stretches are done in every session to help increase this.
To bring in the dance side to the lessons I incorporate learning choreography around the skills covered in class and give the students the opportunity to perform these in the annual showcase to parents. Acrobatics is a great opportunity to improve technique that can also help with other genres of dance as well as being a fun and different style to learn. Children can feel a real sense of achievement and accomplishment, as they can easily track and see when skills are getting better.



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